‘Yellowstone’: Cole Hauser Tells Why He Doesn’t Want to ‘Know the End’ for Rip Wheeler Yet

by Leanne Stahulak

Apparently, “Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser isn’t one of those people who like to read the ending of a book before he starts it. And he applies that same principle to his character, Rip Wheeler, and how Rip’s story will end on “Yellowstone.”

Last month, the “Yellowstone” cast hit the red carpet at the SAG Awards, where they were nominated for best ensemble cast in a drama. During the event, per Express, moderators asked Cole Hauser if he already knew or wanted to know the ending for his character.

“No, no, no, no,” Hauser said. “Personally, just for me if you’re asking me, I like to go to work and actually live and grow with the character and not know the end at all, you know. (I want to) be able to find those moments and live really in those moments whether it’s with Beth, whether it’s with John…”

Cole Hauser wants to be fully present when it comes to shooting his “Yellowstone” scenes. Thinking about where his story arc goes in the future could negatively affect his performance in the present. Apparently, the rest of the cast feels the same, because they also answered no when the moderators asked them.

“Taylor does, it depends what bottle of wine he’s drinking,” Hauser cut in with a laugh. Earlier reports have said that creator Taylor Sheridan knows exactly where he’s taking the story. If Cole Hauser had any say in it, he’d actually request more scenes with Gil Birmingham (Thomas Rainwater) and Wes Bentley (Jamie Dutton).

“Gil and I, we don’t get an opportunity – I wanna work with Gil a little bit more,” Hauser said. Birmingham also shouted out, “Yes!”

Hauser added, “And Wes [Bentley], I mean we’ve only had a couple of scenes but it’s like I love, you know, that feeling of everything is new. That’s what makes Taylor so amazing too, it’s like he has the ability to really keep you on your toes.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser and Cast Start Filming in Mid-May

Luckily for “Yellowstone” fans, Cole Hauser and the rest of the cast will be back in Montana soon enough. In a recent Instagram post, Hauser posted a photo of some cast members from Season 1 filming, and he teased, “Season 5 is coming.”

And in the last day or so, Forrie J. Smith has confirmed it. He posted a video on Instagram and teased production starting soon. “We’re all going back for Season 5 in mid-May, so keep your ‘Yellowstone’ thoughts rolling. Thank you!” Smith said in the video.

We’re happy to see things moving along for “Yellowstone” Season 5. This new season will feature 14 episodes instead of the typical 10. The first part of the season, featuring seven episodes, should drop sometime this fall. Or early summer if we’re lucky.