‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Cole Hauser Wishes Son Happy 13th Birthday with Wholesome Photo

by Evan Reier

On the first look at his Instagram account, it’s clear that Yellowstone actor Cole Hauser has a deep love for his family. And we don’t mean the Duttons.

No, we’re talking about the actual Hausers. He may portray Rip Wheeler as the de facto adopted son of John Dutton, but his online activity outside of work is focused pretty much exclusively on family.

Which makes sense. The actor is married to Cynthia Daniel and the acting pair also has three children: Ryland, Steely Rose and Colt. On Saturday, June 12, the Yellowstone star celebrated Colt’s thirteenth birthday with an Instagram post.

The photo features Colt and his mom, Cynthia, embracing for a sweet photo.

“Happy 13th bday my youngest boy!” Cole Hauser writes. “Thank you momma for giving birth to this amazing soul. @cynhauser

Colt Hauser is giving the classic look of any young teenager having to take a birthday photo. It only makes the birthday post all the more genuine and wholesome. And, of course, mama Cynthia is serving up a proud and loving smile as she holds her not-so-little son.

Yellowstone Star Cole Hauser on Working with Matthew McConaughey

For any film fan, Cole Hauser was a name they had seen around before the success of Yellowstone. While he is now forever linked with Rip Wheeler, he had appeared and starred in a wide variety of projects before that.

One of his earliest is also one of his most notable: Dazed and Confused. The 1993 classic featured Hauser as Benny, a side character that chides main character Randall “Pink” Floyd over the titular decision of the film: whether or not to sign a pledge to not do drugs.

In 2020, Hauser sat down with Vulture for an interview. At one point, the topic of the movie came up, as well as his costar Matthew McConaughey. The film was shot in Austin, Texas, which is also where McConaughey famously hails from.

When asked about life on set, he said it was typical of Texas: hot. But McConauhey had the knowledge and desire to bring up the crew’s spirit.

“‘C’mon guys, get out of your hotel room, let me take you down to the river,'” McConaughey told Hauser and company.

Evidently, that’s exactly what they did.

“It’s muggy and nasty in Austin during the summer,” the Yellowstone star continued. “So to have a cool spring with a beer in your hand and beautiful girls cruising by? It was heaven on earth,”