‘Yellowstone’: Cole Hauser’s Son Is His Spitting Image in New ‘Business’ Pics

by Lauren Boisvert

It looks like Cole Hauser‘s oldest son Ryland went to homecoming recently, judging by the recent photos he posted of himself and his date all dressed up. Hauser’s wife Cynthia recently shared that their son started his senior year of high school this year. And, like any parent suddenly shocked at how time has flown and how their children are growing up, she tagged the photo with the hashtag “#Doesn’tSeemReal.”

Ryland’s recent photos have him looking just like his dad, though. All three of Cole Hauser’s children are practically his spitting image, his daughter especially. In a photo that Cynthia Hauser posted back in June, Hauser sits with his daughter Steely in his lap, and she looks almost exactly like him. They both have those piercing blue eyes, and friends and fans in the comments took notice, calling them twins.

Additionally, Cole and Cynthia Hauser have been chronicling the offers their son Ryland has been getting from various colleges. He is well on his way to becoming a household name in football, he just has to make the big decision of where to go to college. He’s had offers from the University of North Alabama, Warner University in Lake Wales, FL, and Mississippi State University. Ryland and his family have a big choice to make now, one that could influence his future career.

For now, though, it looks like the Hauser family is just enjoying their lives in Florida, where they moved in June. Cynthia is from Gainsville herself and seemed ecstatic when they decided to move back to the Sunshine State. All seems truly well and good in the Hauser household.

Cole Hauser Breaks in a ‘Badass’ New Saddle On the ‘Yellowstone’ Set

Meanwhile, in “Yellowstone” news, Cole Hauser posted a snap from an unreal filming location, showing off his horse and custom-made saddle for season 5. First of all, let’s talk about that landscape. I’ve said it before, but Montana is like a painting or a cowboy’s dream. It’s so beautiful I almost can’t believe it’s a real place.

Next, Hauser thanked saddle-maker Andreas Maschke for handcrafting his horse’s season 5 saddle. “Peace and serenity in the mountains of Montana,” Hauser captioned his photo on Instagram. “Thank to [Andy] Maschke for my badass saddle this year on YS5.”

Andreas Maschke began making saddles at age 18 in Germany, working through the 80s and 90s before coming to America to further his business. He began his first handmade saddle company, Superior Saddlery, LLC, in Northeast Texas. He continues to serve trusted clients, the European market, and, apparently, Western TV shows like “Yellowstone.”

Kelly Reilly commented on Cole Hauser’s photo with “What a day,” and a heart emoji. We’re apparently going to be getting much more of Beth and Rip this coming season. Along with more Beth on a horse, we’re getting additional flashbacks to their childhoods as well as just more time with these two fan favorites. We’re looking forward to season 5 if it means more of our favorite couple.