‘Yellowstone’ Comes Under Fire for Ripping Off ‘Sons of Anarchy’

by Sean Griffin

Yellowstone and Sons of Anarchy have a few similarities, as many dramatic television shows do. Whether it be backstabbing characters or criminal activity, the two share some general themes. However, beyond that, most would argue the shows remain distinct.

However, this viral video on TikTok suggests that the two series are far too similar. Not only that, the user claims Yellowstone borrows from and rips off Sons of Anarchy.

Back on Oct. 3, TikTok user Lydia Kyle (@ranchwife) posted a video saying she was done with Yellowstone for a few reasons. She mainly contended she felt that she’d “already seen it.”

Kyle then accused Yellowstone of being a “direct ripoff” of Sons of Anarchy. She claimed the shows became too similar around Season 3, calling the influence “undeniable.” She went on to call Yellowstone a “ripoff with no depth.”

Kyle then noted that Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan worked on Sons of Anarchy.

Sheridan played Deputy Chief David Hale throughout twenty episodes of Sons of Anarchy. Kyle then mentions that Sheridan may also have worked on SOA as a co-writer or co-producer, but this isn’t true. He was only on the show as an actor.

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“There’s nothing new under the sun. I get that, but at this point, it’s just… it’s literally the exact same thing,” Kyle said. “But it’s with horses instead of motorcycles.” 

TikToker Provides List of Reasons ‘Yellowstone’ Steals From ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Kyle then went through several Yellowstone characters and compared them to their matching “counterparts” on Sons of Anarchy. “They’re literally the exact same characters,” she claimed. “I would still be watching if it had depth, but at this point, there’s no depth.”

Then, Kyle went on to refer to Season 4 as “such a disappointment.” While some Yellowstone fans may agree with that assessment, Kyle cited a lack of character depth as her reason.

She pointed to the adoption of Tate Dutton (Brecken Merrill) as a specific story point that was similar to an event in SOA. In the earlier show, Abel Teller, the son of Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) and Wendy Cayes (Dea de Matteo) gets abducted in Season 3.

Kyle’s TikTok video has garnered over 2 million views thus far, which is far more than any of her other videos. Obviously, her takes made some impressions with Yellowstone fans, whether good or bad.

Users flooded the comment section and voiced their opinions. “I said the same thing after the first season!! ‘so we are copying SOA now??'” one person wrote. “Right, and it makes sense because Taylor obviously worked on, and acted in SoA,” another person wrote.

Yellowstone Season 5 debuted on Sunday, Nov. 13 at 8 p.m. ET on Paramount Network. The first four seasons are available to stream on Peacock.