‘Yellowstone’: Could Caroline Warner Defeat Beth in Season 5?

by Lauren Boisvert

It’s hard to come up against Beth Dutton on “Yellowstone,” but Caroline Warner is taking that challenge and running with it. The Market Equities CEO ended season 4 with a threat to the Duttons, claiming that she’s going to take their ranch come hell or high water, essentially. But, she pretty much has to go through Beth to get to the ranch. Which, we know, is an almost impossible task.

But, Caroline Warner is bound and determined to get the Duttons’ land. Will season 5 clinch her success? Is her victory sealed? Kelly Reilly revealed that season 4 wasn’t the last we’d see of Caroline Warner and Market Equities. She shared that “Caroline is back and she’s got friends. They understand what [the Duttons] are doing and they’re not going to take it lightly.”

If we remember, Beth joined Market Equities with the sole purpose of destroying the company from the inside out. Now, Caroline Warner is her boss, and a worthy adversary. She’s just about a match for Beth, which is throwing a bit of a wrench in Beth’s plan. With her new “friends,” Caroline may actually get a leg up in this play against the Duttons.

Previously, Jacki Weaver, who plays Caroline, said in a “Yellowstone” Behind the Story segment that “It looks like Caroline and Beth are going to make a team. But I think there will be fireworks on the horizon.” Fireworks, definitely. A team? I’m not so sure. Unless Caroline wants the end of Market Equities and the airport plan, she’s going to be at odds with Beth.

Beth Dutton May Reconnect With Someone from Her Past in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

Speaking of Beth Dutton and “Yellowstone” season 5, we’ve gotten a little hint that Beth may come into contact with someone she used to know. Now, I know what you’re thinking: who are Beth’s friends? Exactly. Besides Rip and her family, I don’t think she has any. So, now this is truly a conundrum. Who is she going to reconnect with? Who remembers Beth from her past? And, who wants to reconnect with Beth at all?

Could this old friend be from before Beth became the way that she is? Before the incident with Jamie and her fertility, before her mom died, before she became so closed off and cold? If this is a friend from those times, and there was ever a time when Beth was softer, more willing to open herself up, then they’re in for a shock when they meet her now.

But, according to TV Line, Beth and her old acquaintance are “two peas in a pod.” This is someone with Beth’s sensibilities, her savagery, her biting one-liners. Someone who’s a definite match for her. I’m thinking it might be Lainey Wilson’s new character, Abby. If the musician is an old friend of Beth’s, it’ll be great to see her have a like-minded female companion to raise some hell with.