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‘Yellowstone’: Could Lloyd Betray the Dutton Ranch in Season 4?

by Joe Rutland
(Paramount Press Center)

There’s no doubt that “Yellowstone” fans are looking forward to Season 4. Some wonder if Lloyd will turn his back on the Dutton Ranch.

Lloyd Pierce, played by Forrie J. Smith, is one of the ranch hands for John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner.

Fans are sharing their thoughts on the Lloyd-Dutton relationship in a recent Reddit thread.

Titled “What if Laramie Is Reacting to Lloyd in the Trailers (Because It’s Her Fault)?”, author IhateRush starts off the conversation.

“I’m like who the eff is Laramie!?!? Those barrel racers are nothing but goddam trouble.”, IhateRush wrote.

‘Yellowstone’ Situation Stirs Passion Within Fans About Show

Big-Dragonfly-6347 replied about “Yellowstone” on Reddit, “But they’re fine af though”.

“She’s the classy one, remember?” Mi_Ofelia wrote. “Said she didn’t care if Walker’s a–hole was in the middle of his chest cuz she still thought he was sexy or something to that effect.”

Kokopatti2320 chimed in on the “Yellowstone” Reddit thread. “Why have the buckle bunnies been allowed to stay at the ranch they aren’t employees letting them stay doesn’t put the ranch 1st”, the Redditor wrote.

“I think if John found out he’d have Rip make sure they left and never came back.,” 7ruby18 wrote. “(He couldn’t take them to the train station because, being known barrel racers, people would know when they went missing. Unknown ranch hands no one would miss.) I mean, hell, Rip was worried about what info Walker could give to authorities. Why isn’t he more concerned about what Mia and Laramie, who aren’t ranch employees, might see or hear that could threaten the ranch? They’ve now walked in on all of the ranch hands nursing fresh brands which has really got to make them wonder what the f— is going on in that place.”

Other “Yellowstone” fans shared their thoughts, too. But we’ll let you, Outsiders, go check them out. The Taylor Sheridan drama will premiere its new season on Sunday, Nov. 7. There will be a two-hour premiere for the new season. All episodes will be on the Paramount Network.

Piper Perabo Gets Ready To Join Western Drama This Season

“Yellowstone” fans are going to see some new characters fill their TV screens in this fourth season.

We’re going to take a look at one of them, Outsiders.

Piper Perabo, who has appeared in “Coyote Ugly,” “The Prestige,” and “Looper” among other films and TV shows, plays an environmentalist named Summer Higgins. Check these points out.

Firstly, a photo reveals Higgins in handcuffs and being led away by a law enforcement officer.

Secondly, it is believed Parabo’s character is protesting industrial farming in the state of Montana.

In conclusion, “Yellowstone” fans can keep their eyes open for different characters.