‘Yellowstone’: Could Summer Do More Harm Than Good When It Comes to John’s Election Campaign?

by Leanne Stahulak

During “Yellowstone” Season 4, fans met Piper Perabo’s character Summer Higgins for the first time. She quickly struck up a relationship with John Dutton, which started off antoginistic and slowly transformed into something romantic.

Let’s recap. John first met Summer at a protest outside the Livestock Association office. John had Summer thrown in jail because of her actions at the protest, but eventually he bailed her out. He invited Summer to join him on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch so she could see life through his eyes. The two traded values with each other and learned a bit more about the other person.

Evidenty, they learned a LOT more about each other physically too. Summer confirms that they slept together when she was on trial for the Market Equitieis protest. And because Beth was to blame for Summer getting arrested in the first place, John does everything in his power to get Summer out of jail.

But John has to have new priorities now. If we look ahead to Season 5, “Yellowstone” will either cover John’s run for governor or show him in power after he’s won the election. Either way, a relationship with Summer puts all that in jeaoprdy.

How Summer Higgins Affects John’s Run for Governor on ‘Yellowstone’

We know for a fact that John’s relationship with Summer isn’t going to die out anytime soon. “Yellowstone” star Piper Perabo, who plays Summer, said as much in an interview with EW.

“The love story is kicking into gear on ‘Yellowstone.’ I know a lot of people watch it for the cowboys and the ranch, but I watch it for the love story,” Perabo said. “We’re turning up the heat. It’s been a hard couple of years, let’s turn up the heat for a minute.”

But if John and Summer’s romance heat up, how will that look for the future governor of Montana? Summer had warrants and arrests in multiple states. She stands against everything John’s running for as governor. He used his power to try and get her a lesser prison sentence. This all reflects poorly on John (from an elected official standpoint) and won’t win him many votes. Especially if his adopted son and competitor Jamie hears about it.

We have to assume Jamie doesn’t know about John and Summer’s relationship just yet. But once he gets wind of it, we can be sure he’ll use it as a weapon against John. Jamie could for sure use it during the election to guarantee John doesn’t receive any votes. And as Attorney General, Jamie could still have the power to hurt John even after he (potentially) wins the governorship.

So, will John’s new lover spell his disaster? Will he put this relationship above everything else he’s done to save the ranch? We’ll have to wait until “Yellowstone” Season 5 airs to find out.