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‘Yellowstone’: Could This Clue Point to Jamie Dutton as Culprit Behind Dutton Attacks?

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Did Jamie Dutton put the hit out on his family? As Season 4 rages on, one Yellowstone fan tweeted out some majorly damning evidence.

Look, we either love or hate Jamie. There’s not really any room for those in-between feelings. As I write this, it’s even hard to imagine someone “loving” Wes Bentley’s Jamie. But they exist. I’ve seen them (mostly on Reddit).

But how many of those same Jamie supporters would stay in his camp if he put hits out on his family? They adopted him and treated him like some sort of deranged step-child, sure. Yet they are his family… So could Jamie be capable of bringing down the Duttons in the coldest way possible? We’ve seen him kill. But his entire family taken out like the trash?

This was possibly the biggest question mark over fans’ heads ahead of Yellowstone Season 4. And several episodes in, we still have no idea if Jamie was involved. At least, not officially. Beth, however, would point the finger directly at her brother in his office during the premiere. Was she right to do so? One fan certainly thinks so – and their logic lines up pretty damn straight.

“If the attack on Season 3 finale targeting the Duttons is from some outsiders or mysterious new enemies, why Jamie was excluded?” asks BG5USN on Twitter. We’ve all asked ourselves this. But it’s the follow-up that pulls the pin out of the grenade:

“Only the participants that [were in] Jamie’s office meeting and his real father knew he is not quite in the team Duttons.”

Uh oh.

Is Jamie Dutton ‘Yellowstone’s Big Bad?

Even if Jamie ran his mouth to a hundred other people (which, let’s face it, is likely as the guy is now playing house with his convicted murderer of a father) about how much he hates his family, why would this exclude him from the assassination attempts?

And even if Jamie himself didn’t put out the hit, what’s to say his newfound daddy-o didn’t take his hate and run with it? This would still make Jamie responsible, albeit indirectly, for ratting out his family to his biological father, Garrett Randall.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that Randall’s prison stint made him some friends on the inside. As of Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 3, we know the hit on the Duttons came from inside a local prison, right? Checkers, the hitman that Mo delivered to John, revealed his boss to be a convict currently in a state prison in Deer Lodge, Montana. Is this where Randall was held up, too? Could these two be old pals looking to usurp the Dutton throne?

Or has Jamie simply had enough, and he’s just a really good liar. That’s what lawyers of Jamie’s ilk get paid to do, right? If a man is capable of murdering the only family he’s ever had, then he’s capable of lying to the face of the sister he despises.

Here’s to hoping Yellowstone Season 4 gives us more answers than questions.