‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan Says ‘There’s Going To Be a Lot of Consequences’ in Season 4

by Joe Rutland

Well, Outsiders, when “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan talks about the upcoming Season 4, then we better all lean in and listen.

Sheridan, who is the creator and executive producer of the hit drama, gives viewers his two cents ahead of the Sunday, Nov. 7, opener.

As Jamie Dutton actor Wes Bentley finishes up talking about “Yellowstone” from his character’s perspective, Sheridan chimes in as well.

“And it was a devastating attack against the family so we gotta figure out who’s left to look into it,” he said. “And that’s my goal.

“When we say the Wild West, what that really means is a lawless West,” Sheridan said. “There’s going to be a lot of consequences.”

So, that’s enough to get you excited and sitting in front of your TV sets, right? Well, how about taking a few minutes to check out this “Yellowstone” look ahead into Season 4.

It all kicks off with a two-hour season premiere on Sunday, Nov. 7, at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central, on the Paramount Network.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Cole Hauser Asked Creator To Write Certain Scene

If we asked you to think about “Yellowstone” actor Cole Hauser, then what would be the single thing that stands out?

We can give you a tip, Outsiders.

Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler on the Paramount Network show, loves to be in one specific type of scene. He asks Taylor Sheridan to make sure and put him in this spot.

Any guesses? Well, here’s the answer. He likes to be on a horse in the middle of heaven-knows-where.

“You know, it’s interesting, I find myself the only one out there, sitting on a horse,” Hauser said in a 2020 interview with talk-show host and actress Jenny McCarthy. “And the image of it in Season One, that I saw in the show was really special.

“So, I’ve always asked Taylor, ‘Hey, continue to write these scenes of isolation where this man is riding the fence,'” Hauser said. “‘And that’s kind of where Rip is at peace. And it could be 20 below zero, I don’t care, just please continue to write them.'”

Riding A Horse Isn’t Always Easy As Actor Has Had His Moments

Apparently, Sheridan took a liking to the input from Cole Hauser. Rip goes away and finds quiet time on the Yellowstone ranch.

Riding a horse, though, hasn’t always been easy. During a 2020 interview, Hauser talked about when he did fall off a horse.

“I have flown off a horse once,” he said. “But I landed on my feet. I don’t know how but that’s really it. That was the only time and I was cutting and a cow stopped right in front of the horse and just spun off of it.”