‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan Pulling Back on Directing Duties

by Thad Mitchell

When Taylor Sheridan created the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone,” he had a vision of presenting the modern-day west.

He did exactly that with “Yellowstone,” creating a story about the struggles of ranching in present day. The show has been wildly successful for Sheridan and its fan base is seemingly growing by the days. “Yellowstone” has already spawned two spinoffs in “1883” and “6666” and more are on the way.

An ever-expanding “Yellowstone” universe means even more work for Sheridan and his team. With so much on his plate, he’s made the decision to lighten his load by pulling back on his directing duties and acting as showrunner. This move will allow the “Yellowstone” creator to focus on writing future episodes and seasons. ViacomCBS Executive Chris McCarthy recently confirmed the news of Sheridan’s decision to pull back.

“We don’t want to damage the Franchise,” McCarthy told the Wall Street Journal.

That sits just fine with the “Yellowstone” creator who has a real passion for writing and storytelling. He is also said to be working on eight new projects, meaning he’ll take all the time he can get. Another “Yellowstone” spinoff “1932” will be next and line and you can bet that Sheridan’s has already come up with great ideas. McCarthy says his organization is excited to see what comes next.

“With the brilliant mind and gifted storytelling of Taylor Sheridan, we have created an entirely new world to explore with ‘1883’ while expanding ‘Yellowstone.'” he says. “And with ‘1932,’ we will open up a new chapter in this rapidly growing universe. While most shows franchise near the end of their run… We seized the opportunity to franchise in real-time, to drive record growth for both streaming and linear properties, proving the power of ViacomCBS’ differentiated model.”

‘Yellowstone’ Season Five Will Begin Production in May

With all the excitement about spinoffs, it is important to note that the original “Yellowstone” series remains the core. The Kevin Costner-led series is due to begin filming its fifth and latest season in a few months. “Yellowstone” Executive Producer David Glasser says Sheridan is working hard on writing the show’s fifth season. He also praises Sheridan’s skills in creating an authentic experience for his audience.

“I know with Taylor, he’s got a lot to say and a lot to write,” he says. “He is deep into ‘Yellowstone’ season 5 now. He’s got some incredible ideas that he shared that I think audiences are going to be really excited about. As long as it’s authentic and can be done in a super high-end way. I think Taylor’s approach of authenticity first has really worked well for us and will sort of continue that. As you can imagine, tons of opportunities have come to Paramount and to us and we’re looking at all of them, and we want to talk to our audience in the best way possible.”