‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan Receives Praise in Epic Cowboy Photo From ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ Star Finn Little

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone mastermind Taylor Sheridan has one of the busiest slates in Hollywood, and one of the stars of his latest film couldn’t be more proud!

“This guy! Congratulations to the extraordinarily talented Taylor Sheridan! We’re all hanging out for THOSE WHO WISH ME DEAD,” posts Finn Little to his official Instagram.

Little, who will star in Those Who Wish Me Dead alongside Angelina Jolie, Tyler Perry, and Nicholas Hoult, says it’s “not long now – 5/14 in the USA (in theatres and the same day on HBO Max.) The trailer looks awesome!”

“As for us Aussies – we will get to see your brilliant work here “down under” on the 13th of May in cinemas. Can’t wait Taylor! 🔥✔️👏👏” the young star concludes. High praise and well deserved, indeed!

Within, Little includes a moody shot of Taylor Sheridan looking sharp via Instagram. He’s sporting his trademark white wide-brimmed cowboy hat, a look he shares with his most famous creation to date: Kevin Costner’s John Dutton.

From ‘Yellowstone’ to ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’, Taylor Sheridan is On Fire

If you’re just now catching up on Sheridan’s latest film, it’s a “can’t miss” for fans of the “Master of Modern Westerns.”

Not a Western itself like Yellowstone, Those Who Wish Me Dead centers around a teenage murder witness who finds himself pursued by twin assassins. The action does, however, take place in the Montana wilderness, which Yellowstone fans will love. Playing said teenage murder witness is none other than Finn Little.

Alongside him is a survival expert tasked with protecting him, played by Hollywood icon Angelina Jolie. The thriller sees both attempting to escape assassins… And a forest fire threatening to consume them all.

Count. Us. In. Of his latest film, Yellowstone‘s Taylor Sheridan says the affair is “on brand” with what fans of his work expect.

“What’s unique is we made this at a studio,” he told the Associated Press recently. “This is a studio film. And they trusted us to go do this. We made it like a ’70s movie. They promoted it like a ’70s movie. The biggest 21st-century element is the fact that you’ll be able to stream it or go to the theater.”

Ready for the latest from Yellowstone‘s Mastermind? Us, too. Watch the trailer for yourself here, and see if it delivers the “70s vibes” Sheridan is hoping for.