‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan’s Wife Nic Shares Heartfelt Birthday Message

by Jonathan Howard

There’s a lot going on in the Yellowstone world lately. However, Taylor Sheridan and his wife Nic still find time to slow down and celebrate. For the writer-director-actor, it must feel like the world is at his fingertips. He’s in the middle of putting together Season 5 of his flagship series and has a Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren-led series in the works. What else could he do?

For those big fans of Sheridan, this post might seem a couple of months late. However, Nic went and posted a happy birthday post for her husband. Google will say that his birthday is May 21, but if Nic posts about Taylor’s birthday now, how can we complain?

Check out the sweet post below for a little wholesomeness in your day.

“You are my love story you are words that fill my pages. I love you baby, Happiest Birthday,” Nic captioned the post.

One has to wonder if both Taylor and Nic are in Montana while the production of Yellowstone Season 5 is underway. There’s a ton of excitement around the series right now from fans and others. However, there are still some small issues that have continued to plague the series and Sheridan himself.

No matter how hard he seems to try, no matter how many millions of people tune in, Yellowstone just can’t break through with the critics. Time and time again, they put out a product that shocks fans, entertains, and pulls at the emotions and heartstrings – so what’s the deal? What is the hold-up?

Maybe next year for his birthday there will be a nice shiny Emmy nomination or two waiting for him.

When Will the Critics Budge on ‘Yellowstone’

Despite the fact that Yellowstone pulls 11 million viewers per episode, and has an All-Star cast that includes Kevin Costner and Kelly Reilly at the top – no love from the critics. Even though they went all out with their “For Your Consideration” attempts. Even the 1883 cast was put up for a number of categories. However, nothing.

If the Academy has an issue with the content or the subject matter, that hasn’t been made apparent. Yes, John Dutton is the representation and inheritor of the violence that his pioneering ancestors committed. He also represents a lot more than that. A family man, perhaps too stubborn to change, that tries to take care of his land – even if he isn’t the rightful owner of the land in many eyes.

Throw in all of the other moving parts the series has going on from the Bunkhouse to Beth and Rip and more. What more can Yellowstone do to convince voters?

In the end, Sheridan doesn’t seem like the guy who cares about these things. That still won’t stop him from supporting his cast and crew and making these “FYC” nominations year in and year out.