‘Yellowstone’ Crews Spent ‘Hours’ Clearing Dutton Ranch of Snow Before Beth-Rip Wedding Scene: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott

If there’s one thing that “Yellowstone” fans can agree on, it’s that little was more memorable about the season four finale than Beth and Rip’s wedding. However, now, months after season four concluded, series star Finn Little shared a “throwback Thursday” post revealing that before the iconic scene could be filmed, “Yellowstone” crew members spent hours cleaning the ranch of snow. Check it out.

As we can see, “Yellowstone” has some seriously committed crew members. The footage captures about half a dozen individuals with shovels and wheelbarrows, piling a thin layer of snow away from the setting. In the background, the snow-capped mountain peaks of Montana set the scene.

Little captioned the post, “October 2020…when it snows the night before a wedding!”

According to Little’s description of the event, the crew was up extra early that day, dedicating hours to unplanned snow removal. Not only did they have to clear the area in front of the ranch house where Beth and Rip would have their wedding, but they also needed to get rid of the snow that would appear in the background shots.

“This amazing crew work so hard!” the actor concluded.

“Yellowstone” fans took to the comments to share their admiration and praise for the crew as well.

“Wow now that has to be something that doesn’t happen too often!” one follower wrote. “Thanks for sharing!”

Another said, “Thanks for this dude. The crew never gets a shout out. You’re a good one. Cheers.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Think Beth and Rip are the ‘Best TV Couple’

Despite the strange foundation of their relationship and their even stranger wedding, “Yellowstone” fans remain adamant that Rip and Beth are the best TV couple.

Last month, the show’s official Instagram page shared a subtly sexy photo of Rip and Beth, with actress Kelly Reilly‘s hand placed solidly inside the front of Rip’s (Cole Hauser‘s) jacket. The caption read, “Mr. and Mrs.” and fans took to the comments to share their love for the couple.

“Don’t F with these two,” wrote of the series’ followers. Another said, “Best tv couple ever…So strong, so in love and so fearful, love them.”

Meanwhile, other “Yellowstone” fans were looking forward to updates regarding the next season.

“Any date on the next season?” one fan wrote.

“Come on season 5[!] exclaimed another anxious fan.

So far, we don’t have any updates regarding “Yellowstone” season 5. Series showrunners haven’t released any additional information since “Yellowstone” saw official renewal for a fifth season. What we do know is that season five will feature 14 episodes, compared to the 10 that have featured in every previous season save for season one, which boasted a total of nine.

Even more interesting, the next season will debut in two parts, with Part 1 set to premiere sometime this summer. So hold on “Yellowstone” fans, season five will be here soon enough!