‘Yellowstone’ Currently Filming Season 5 in Montana, Mayor Speaks Out About Show’s Massive Impact

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone Season 5 filming is well underway, and the mayor of Hamilton, Montana is hearing “mixed feelings” from town residents.

Come the next season of television’s #1 show, audiences will experience multiple locations from the small city of Hamilton. “They want to use a lot of different sites to film their show,” Mayor Dominic Farrenkopf says of Yellowstone‘s production team. No word on appearances from Kevin Costner or Kelly Reilly yet.

Regardless, Mayor Farrenkopf isn’t surprised by the hottest show in America wanting to utilize his picturesque Montana town. “The city of Hamilton, we have really nice streets, really nice parks, really nice buildings, and so they are able to come in and look at those and say with a few small modifications we can make this work for our set,” he offers for local NBC Montana.

There’s a definite financial gain from Yellowstone taking up shop in Hamilton, too. From their renting of City Hall and the Justice Center alone, the district has brought in $24,000.

That money “goes into the general fund and it can be used for a variety of purposes,” Farrenkopf says. However, “City Council did direct $5,000 of the City Hall rental towards the fireworks display. The fireworks were more expensive this year.”

When it came to Hamilton’s Independence Day celebration, “That $5,000 from Yellowstone really helped,” the mayor adds.

‘Yellowstone’ Filming Finances Hamilton, Montana – But Residents Hold ‘Mixed Feelings’

It’s hard for a politician to discourage anything that winds up funding their district and local businesses. But for citizens of Hamilton, Yellowstone‘s broad, flashy presence is a bit more complicated.

“We have mixed feelings, of course,” Farrenkopf cites of his constituents. “We have plenty of people who are excited about having something like this in our city. Then we have some people say they are kind of in our town, they are a little bit of nuisance or a little bit of an inconvenience, something like that.”

But for the most part, the mayor says Hamilton is “generally accepting” of Season 5 filming. “They follow the permitting processes and get permission to use the buildings and the streets,” he offers. “They are also very polite when they are doing things.”

And as many’a Yellowstone fan and Outsider knows, a little politeness goes a long way. Especially with so many local business owners telling their mayor of increases in sales and services.

No matter how Hamilton residents feel, they should brace for more Yellowstone filming in the future. NBC Montana says the show expects to return to the Montana city for future filming. Here’s to hoping that becomes a blessing and not a curse.

Yellowstone returns for Season 5 this November 13, exclusively on Paramount Network.