‘Yellowstone’ Star Dave Annable Posts Moving Pics From ‘Reunion’ With His Daughter

by Megan Molseed

Recently, Yellowstone star Dave Annable took an unforgettable bike ride. The route of the ride itself wasn’t overly spectacular. In fact, based on Annable’s Instagram post sharing the unforgettable journey, this part of the event seemed pretty standard. However, it was the company that Dave Annable had with him that made that made the recent bike-ride super special for the actor, as he set out on the adventure with his young daughter.

“She just told me on the back of the bike ‘Dad, I’m so glad our souls chose each other,'” the star writes in a September 10 Instagram post. The Yellowstone actor then shares a set of expressive emojis. One is a “mind-blown” smiley. The other is a crying face. Clearly, Annable’s daughter is bringing out all the feels in her father!

It turns out that Annable had been away from home for a chunk of time. No doubt working on one of his many TV projects! But, that distance wasn’t ideal for his “daddy/daughter” time. Something the actor made up for immediately as he returned home.

“After two weeks away,” Dave Annable writes. And, there was much more than bike rides to this heartwarming reunion too! The Insta post includes pics of Annable and his daughter having a blast doing a lot of other things. Including sharing a delicious meal at a local bar-b-que joint and playing catch on a sunny afternoon.

“Its great to be home kid,” the star adds. Annable then includes two very touching hashtags in his message:  #Daddydaughterday #myheartisfull.

Dave Annable And His Young Daughter Are Always On The Move

While Dave Annable and his daughter were enjoying a relaxing day of fun, sunshine, and food this weekend, they have spent a lot of time enjoying other activities together over the years, too. One of these entails Annable supporting the young girl as she enjoys her time at Jiu-Jitsu lessons. And then later, the young athlete practices her moves on her famous father.

As Dave Annable captions his post, the star notes four points regarding the pics and videos he shares. These are the four things that caught the actor’s eye during the daddy/daughter Jiu-Jitsu adventure:

“1. So proud of my kid for trying and loving jiu-jitsu,” the Yellowstone star points out. Then Annable adds that “2. Her favorite thing is to spar. 3. Refer to number 2.”

Then, finally, Annable acknowledges one of the videos included in the adorable Insta post as Annable’s daughter takes him down using her impressive martial arts moves.

“4. ‘I didn’t tap,'” Annable quips. “#girldad #jiujitsu.”