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‘Yellowstone’ Declares John Dutton Is ‘The Boss’ in New Photo

by Jennifer Shea
Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

“Yellowstone” has released a new photo of John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, on Instagram.

Dutton Is ‘The Boss’

“The boss,” the television show captioned the photo.

 On “Yellowstone,” John Dutton is indeed the boss, and he handles his business in a way that many of us might wish we could emulate, Costner said.

The actor told Gold Derby earlier this year that a good Western tells stories everyone can relate to. Some people, he suggested, might prefer to live through Dutton.

“Maybe we want to vicariously live through the days where we’d like to arbitrate our own problems instead of like when you feel offended you have to call a lawyer,” he said. “You would like to handle it but you’ve got to call a lawyer or call an agent or a PR person and I think there’s something in us that deep down we would love to be able to sometimes have the satisfaction of arbitrating our own problems.”

“Without people knowing it, they tie in a little bit to that taking a level of justice or what they perceive as justice and enjoying that idea,” he added.

Costner Treats ‘Yellowstone’ Like a Movie

Certainly Costner can relate to John Dutton. And he has really thrown himself into his TV show character. Costner said this summer that he treats “Yellowstone” just like he does a movie project.

“I had my own personal reasons why I decided to do it, and that doesn’t have to be shared on a mass level, but I did, and I have tried really hard,” he told Deadline. “There’s no difference between a movie and this for me.”

As for John Dutton, he may arbitrate his own problems, as Costner said, but he still struggles with modern challenges. 

“He’s a fifth-generation rancher who is not able to arbitrate the problems the way his grandfather and great-grandfather did,” Costner said. “He’s living in modern times, but that doesn’t stop [show creator] Taylor [Sheridan]. You know, I’m still waging war out there and always the issue is over the land, be it the politicians, be it the environmentalists, or be it the Native American issues that also try to balance out this show. I don’t go looking for a fight, but he doesn’t back away from any, so it’s high melodrama.”