‘Yellowstone’ Declares Today Officially ‘Teeter Tuesday’

by Joe Rutland

Imagine having a TV show that you are on declare it your day. This happened when Yellowstone declared that it was “Teeter Tuesday.”

If this confuses you a bit, then let’s try and offer a little clarity. Teeter is the character that Jen Landon appears as on the Taylor Sheridan-created show. And for the announcement, we turn to the show’s Instagram account.

Does her last name ring a bell for some readers? It should. Her father was legendary actor-director Michael Landon, known for his roles on Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie, among other shows.

Now, we turn our attention to some of the fan comments on Yellowstone about this declaration. “Not just today, but how about every Tuesday” followed by a few heart emojis by one fan. Hey, we’re good with this note. Another fan says: “She got very little air time last season. Hope next season is much better.”

This Yellowstone fan keeps it simple: “Love it. TT. Works for me.” Here’s one more for the road: “Today’s Teeter Tuesday Totally Terific [spl]!!!” It looks like everyone is in agreement about declaring “Teeter Tuesday” for every Tuesday. Well, that probably will be something for the fans to do indeed.

By the way, Yellowstone is getting things together for Season 5. We just finished Season 4 recently and had a lot of storylines to follow.

‘Yellowstone’ Actress Finds Something In Comparison Between Teeter, Beth

When watching the show, it displays two pretty strong-willed women in Beth Dutton and Teeter. Yet would you believe that Jen Landon sees something a little different in the two Yellowstone characters?

Oh yeah. This might not make too much sense to some viewers but the actress believes that Teeter is not as strong as Beth, played by Kelly Reilly. In what universe is this line of thinking? It’s coming from Landon herself.

The actress elaborated more about this as she sat down on the show’s official podcast with co-star Jefferson White. The host asks Landon about the similarities and differences between the two characters.

“I had been talking a little bit before the podcast about Teeter being a strong character, and we were agreeing that Teeter is a strong female,” Landon says. “But she’s nowhere near as strong as Beth.”

Well, White offers another explanation yet Landon did clarify. She said it was something Beth on the TV screen that just resonated with Landon personally.

Ready for her answer? “Beth is, for me watching it, so ironically female in this really wonderful way,” Landon says. “That I, as a person, really like watching as well. Because it’s very powerful, but it’s very feminine in this very traditional way.”