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‘Yellowstone’: Denim Richards ‘Takes Fans to School’ with ‘Bethonomics 101’

by Jon D. B.
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Yellowstone features heaps of business jargon, but what does it all mean? Come along for the ride as Colby actor Denim Richards breaks this – alongside Beth’s master plan – down for us in his “Bethonomics 101.”

As Ian Bohen says, “The entire system of finance that is working to get the land from John Dutton… Can you break it down for me? What in the hell is actually going on?” the Ryan actor asks.

It’s a valid question. Yellowstone offers audiences thrilling market competition and gobs of financial jargon. But for those of us Outsiders without six business degrees, what does it all mean? How, exactly, is Beth going to be able to keep all these sharks off her father’s land?

Luckily, Colby actor Denim Richards is here to break it down.

Denim Richards takes us to school with a lesson in “Bethonomics 101.” Yellowstone airs Sundays at 8/7c on Paramount Network, in partnership with Ram Trucks.

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‘Yellowstone’s Denim Richards Teaches ‘Bethonomics 101’

“Alright, let’s break this down so that everyone can understand it,” Richards begins. Outside of giving life to fan-favorite rancher Colby, Richards is apparently also a business whiz. Seriously, he proves it in this breakdown.

According to Richards, “Beth builds a land trust around the Yellowstone.”

“What’s a land trust?” you may ask, as does Ryan’s Ian Bohen.

“So imagine an account for land. And all of the equity of that land goes into this account that no one else can touch,” Richards explains. From here, he begins drawing a diagram that, by the end, genuinely makes it all make sense.

“Beth is the controlling interest, meaning she owns the majority of it,” the Yellowstone actor continues of Beth’s land trust. “She’s the Big B, as I like to call it. She’s got Schwartz & Myers as minority owners, okay? Big business protection.”

And on the outside? “Market Equities. Jamie leased Market Equities the land that they need instead of selling it.” But in Season 4, Episode 4, Caroline Warner then “offers this Beth – the Big B – a job!” So now Beth has an opportunity in which she can come work for Market Equities and lead the sharks away from her father’s land.

‘Still With Us? Let’s Keep Going…’

As we see in S4,E4, “Winning or Learning,” Caroline Warner tells Beth if she wants to save her father’s ranch, then “Go and find me something better.”

This offer makes sense and genuinely intrigues Beth. “So now Beth can go and find something bigger and better for ME. Something like the Big Enchilada,” Richards continues.

And in return for this? Beth wants everything that Schwartz & Myers controls. All of it. As she tells us, she wants their grandchildren on welfare. Harsh, but hey, they screwed her first, right?

If, by Denim Richards‘ explanation, Beth accomplishes all of the above, then Beth Dutton will become the “sole owner of the Yellowstone trust.”