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‘Yellowstone’: Did Carter’s Introduction Seal Rip Wheeler’s Fate?

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

Now that Yellowstone fans have seen Carter interact with Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton a lot this season, is it possible that Rip is doomed?

Let’s take a closer look at this situation.

OK, so Carter, played by Finn Little, is a young teenager who watched his druggie father die in the hospital in the Season 4 opener. Beth, played by Kelly Reilly, was there to see John Dutton, her father, played by Kevin Costner.

Carter is pretty much a carbon copy of Rip, played by Cole Hauser. All of these interactions in this season might just possibly set the table for Rip’s demise. That would leave Carter to carry on his legacy.

‘Yellowstone’ Shows Carter Really Has Traits That Make Him Like A Little Rip

Upon seeing his father die, Carter says, “F–k you for leaving me in this place with nothing and nobody.”

Sound pretty much like a Yellowstone scene-stealer right there. Let’s take a look, though, at some moments from Season 4 involving Carter and Rip.

Most recently, in Episode 9 titled No Such Thing as Fair, Carter was rocking and rolling as he played cards with ranch hands in the bunkhouse. He was getting an ear full of cussing from Teeter, played by Jen Landon. But Rip was digging the youngster just winning hand after hand.

Hauser had a few words about the scene in the latest Yellowstone Season 4: Behind the Story.

“For where it started with Carter and Rip, to where it ends up,” Hauser started. “I think it’s just a moment where you see Rip being really supportive of Carter. And acknowledging that this kid has some talent when it comes to cards.”

Father-Figure John Dutton Ends Up Showing Carter How To Ride Horse

Then, we saw John teach Carter about the fine art of riding a horse. That became the point where John uttered lines that led to the Episode 9 title.

Earlier, though, Rip was ripping Carter a new one when he first came upon the kid. He almost left Carter out to fend for himself on Yellowstone. But he thought better of it, especially with Beth involved in the situation, too. Carter learned about cleaning out horse stalls from Rip.

What does Reilly think about this relationship between beth and Carter?

“I’m not sure it is maternal instincts, though,” Reilly says in an interview with TVLine. “I think you can just care about a kid who is lost and has nothing. Is that maternal, or is that just being compassionate? I don’t think she’s going, ‘Oh, this is my child for us to go live happily ever after with.’”