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‘Yellowstone’: Did Kelly Reilly Tease Beth-Jamie Feud Ending in Season 5?

by Lauren Boisvert
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Beth and Jamie have been at each other’s throats since the very beginning of “Yellowstone”. Beth absolutely hates him, and with good reason; when they were younger, he took her to an illegal abortion clinic which rendered her infertile. To top it off, his biological father ordered the attacks on the Dutton family from the season 3 finale. So, safe to say, Beth probably feels justified in her hatred of Jamie.

But, is it possible that Kelly Reilly may have hinted at the feud cooling down in season 5? In conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Reilly revealed some things about her character and her acting process. But, most importantly, she shared that the hatred between Jamie and Beth may be coming to an end.

Reilly told ET that the “Yellowstone” scenes with Beth and Jamie are the most difficult for her to play. They’re so full of hatred and animosity most of the time, that it has to take a toll on the actors after a while.

“I feel really bad for Jamie sometimes,” said Reilly. “I think the relationship with Jamie and Beth, it’s so toxic. It’s so full of betrayal, and it’s so full of pain for her, but I think the reason why all of that exists is because she loved him.”

He’s her brother, and she loved him, but he betrayed her, and she hasn’t found it in herself to ever forgive him for that. Reilly was asked if she thought the relationship between the siblings could be fixed at all, but she admitted she didn’t know. She does have hopes for the two, though.

“What I hope is that she finds some peace,” she said. “And I don’t think you can find peace if you hold that much pain, if you haven’t dealt with those things.”

‘Yellowstone’: Could Jamie and Beth Make Amends?

Beth may find peace within herself, but she may never let go of the hatred she has for Jamie. She may heal from her trauma, but that doesn’t mean she has to like Jamie.

Although, what Jamie did in the finale, killing his biological dad, was a big step in proving that he is a Dutton. While Beth is still wary of him, which is clear in the fact that she procures blackmail material, it’s possible that this act of sacrifice brings Jamie one step closer to forgiveness. And if not forgiveness, than at least tolerance.

Beth is extremely strong willed, but she’s fragile at the same time. She covers up her fragility with that spiky personality and doesn’t let anyone through. I don’t see Jamie getting through any time soon, but the intense hatred has a chance of lessening over time. It all comes down to how much more Beth can take emotionally.