‘Yellowstone’: Did Rip-Beth Lose These Important Items in the Cabin Fire?

by Jennifer Shea

Did fan-favorite Yellowstone character Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) leave his mother’s wedding ring in the cabin he shared with Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) before the militia burned the cabin down?

That’s what Yellowstone fans are now debating on Reddit. One fan kicked the thread off by suggesting that the ring was lost amid the ruins of the cabin.

But other fans jumped in to argue that Rip never lost the ring. After all, he did give it to Beth when they got married suddenly, Beth having kidnapped a priest at gunpoint and brought him to her father’s front lawn. Did Rip carry the ring with him all along?

Yellowstone Fans Debate Whether Rip Lost the Ring in the Fire

“Did Rip’s wedding ring burn down with the house?” one fan wondered. “I think it did cause when I first saw the scene of the cabin burning I just knew that the ring would be in the cabin.”

Other fans advised the original poster not to read too much into the fire. Besides illustrating the severity of the militia’s attack, it also served to move Rip and Beth into the main house with John Dutton (Kevin Costner).

“No,” another fan argued. “He didn’t go back to cabin in the time between digging up his mother and the attack. He had the ring with him the whole time.”

Another fan agreed, saying rip had “just arrived at the ranch after 1) getting the ring and 2) saving John.”

“When was he supposed to have put the ring in the cabin?” the fan asked. “While he was driving?”

How Will Married Life Suit Rip and Beth?

Now that Rip and Beth have tied the knot, will the rugged lovebirds make it in the long run? Their union was nearly undone by John in Season 4 when the Dutton family patriarch told Beth to leave the ranch, to which Rip is basically tethered for life. Fortunately, John relented in the end. But the incident hinted at a surprising precariousness to Beth and Rip’s newfound happiness.

In Season 5, the couple will have to tackle Market Equities head-on. The threat that the hedge fund poses to the Dutton ranch, and the larger valley, was basically left to fester in Season 4 as Beth tried to bring the whole company down from the inside. Meanwhile, the hedge fund’s development plan lumbered forward.

Fans are clearly rooting for Rip and Beth. But is series co-creator Taylor Sheridan? Looks like there’s only one way to find out. Season 5 is set to premiere sometime next fall. Stay tuned for further details.