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‘Yellowstone’: Did You See Teeter’s Subtle Shoutout to Whiskey Myers in Season 4 Episode 4?

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

“Anyone happen to catch this last night on Yellowstone?” asks Whiskey Myers of Teeter’s perfect use of their ‘Hurry Up and Wait’ memorabilia.

Few graphic tees hit like tour shirts. They’re the ultimate way for Outsiders to show love for a favorite band in a not-so-subtle way. And few bands are more deserving than Whiskey Myers.

The Yellowstone crew are fans of Myers, too. Their songs and even the band themselves have been featured in several episodes to date. And now, Jen Landon’s fan-favorite Teeter has taken the love a step further by brandishing one of the band’s old tour shirts on-camera.

As seen in Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 4, Teeter sports Whiskey Myers’ ‘Hurry Up and Wait’ tour shirt. She’s fashioned it into a fitting crop top, too. The shirts are long sold out, but we’re willing to bet Yellowstone had no trouble procuring one for this feature.

It’s a fantastic sequence we see Teeter repping Whiskey Myers in, too. Gator is not on the ranch, so Teeter takes feeding the bunkhouse boys into her own hands: courtesy of a big ‘ol batch of stew. Everyone that knows Teeter is hesitant to dive in, but it’s Ryan that steps up to bat for her declaring “this is good!”

But once she tells the crew the name for her concoction a few stomachs start to turn. “Sum’bits!” it’s called. And cowboy Jake lets his fellow ranchers know that such a stew is, in fact, made up of “the whole cow”; entrails, eyeballs and all.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Jump on Show’s Fashion

Teeter isn’t alone in her brandishing of sought-after fashion, either. In Episode 4, “Winning and Learning,” several new looks come courtesy of series leads.

Most notable, as usual, is Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton. We see another version of the casual-yet-sexy Western look Beth has made famous. This time, it’s a slim a-line skirt design paired with a corset top to make The Juliet dress by Realisation.

Beth sports The Juliet as she goes head-to-head with Market Equities’ newest bigwig, Caroline Warner. And the dress makes the exact statement she intends. It’s readily available at the link above, too, if fans want to go get theirs in life as the Dutton daughter does.

In fact, Outsider has all the Western fashion from Yellowstone Season 4 on lockdown. We’re combing each episode for the best featured pieces. We’ve got the gents covered as well as the ladies, too.

For the looks featured in “Winning or Losing,” as well as previous Season 4 episodes, you’re all set: