‘Yellowstone’ Directors Praise Kelly Reilly As Truly Special, ‘She Can Act Forever’

by Jonathan Howard

Folks, it might be the year of Yellowstone. Kelly Reilly is going to be up for many awards from Season 4 and is starting work on Season 5. As the show’s leading woman, Reilly has a lot of pressure to perform. However, director Stephen Kay says that isn’t an issue whatsoever. “She can act forever,” he says.

If you believe the hype behind the scenes, you already know that Reilly and Kevin Costner are taking Yellowstone to new heights. Based on how last season ended between their characters, Beth and John, the daughter-father dynamic is on shaky ground, to say the least.

There was the whole thing with Beth and Summer, and then her father made it clear how he felt. “We don’t kill sheep,” the old rancher said, “we kill wolves.”

Kay didn’t mince words with TV Line.

“I can’t count how many times I’ve said, ‘We’ve got it,’ then wanted to do another take just to mess with it. Kelly is like that. She can keep going. With this scene, I think she knew she had it, but she always wants to be better. Part of the trust that we have though, is if I say, ‘No, it’s amazing,’ and she sees my eyes are wet, she knows she pushed a button. But she can act forever. She’s special like that.”

When the Yellowstone star turns into Beth Dutton, it’s like a switch. From British tea sipper in real life to the cigarette-smoking ranch heiress on screen.

‘Yellowstone’ Director Says ‘Let Them Go’ About Show’s Biggest Stars

There is something to be said about letting the art speak for itself. Stephen Kay nows the talent that he has on Yellowstone and it goes beyond just the renowned Kevin Costner. With so many great actors and actresses in the cast, it’s obvious when you put two stars together what you should be doing. Watching.

“Everything Beth did, she did for the right reason as far as she was concerned,” Kay explained. “So it was pretty easy to tell Kelly, ‘Play these circumstances, and your heart will break.’ When you have two really good actors [like her and Costner], the goal is to put them in a situation and let them go.”

That scene where Beth and John confront one another over the Summer issue is a perfect example. Just letting these two do what they do best and deliver a moment that felt so real and so hard for those watching. As John says, “You’ve really disappointed me, honey,” and Beth counters with “This is my home,” we get the big one.

“Might be time to find another one,” the Dutton patriarch said.