‘Yellowstone’: Does John Dutton Have ‘Ulterior Motive’ With Beth & Rip?

by Courtney Blackann

He’s given Beth his blessing and invited both her and Rip inside the main Dutton home, but is it possible that “Yellowstone’s” John Dutton has ulterior motives with the couple? One fan posed the question in a discussion group. Many people reacted with their initial thoughts.

In a post on Reddit, a “Yellowstone” fan asks, “What’s your take on why John wants Beth and Rip to move into the main house? …Is there an ulterior motive I’m missing here, or is he just that lonely? The guilt-tripping in that scene hit me on a personal level.”

To give you some context, John tells Beth that she and Rip are welcome to come live in the main Dutton home. Rip, being John’s right-hand man (as well as his muscle) won’t accept the offer unless John asks him himself. Beth says as much. She tells her father he has to ask Rip.

This is followed by an awkward and brief conversation at the barn where the two main men in Beth’s life decide that moving into the main house is the appropriate thing. It’s a bit of comedic relief to see John attempting to ask Rip to move in.

But we digress, could John just be appeasing his daughter? Is he just lonely like the original poster asks? Fans responded with what they believe is happening in John’s mind.

“I’d say John wants Beth back in the house and he’s happy she’s with Rip. Rip is someone he trusts and he adores Beth so having them both in the house with him makes sense,” one person on Reddit responds.

Another writes:

“Just a guess here…I think, somewhere deep down, John Dutton realizes he is pushing his family away. He may not be the root cause of everything, but he has more than his fair share of the blame. Add in the “daddy’s little girl” aspect, how much he loves Beth, and there you go.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Beth and Rip are New Generation of Dutton Family

But another poster believes there’s more sensitivity underlying his invitation to Rip and Beth.

“The big house is where the future generation stays. He initially gave his father’s cabin to Rip. I assume his father lived there before he died. When Casey moved in John moved to Lee’s old cabin. I’m guessing you’ve got to be married to live there and the “family” symbolizes the next generation? Beth and Rip don’t get invited to live there until Carter came along….I’m working from memory so can’t say for sure.”

Either way, it’s clear that John Dutton is a man of tradition. And those traditions include breakfast as a family in the morning and dinner as a family in the evenings. That now includes Beth, Rip, and Carter. Further, outside the main home with mountains as a backdrop, Beth and Rip tied the knot – making them an official family. More to unfold in season five. And we can’t wait!