‘Yellowstone’: Does New ‘Every Body Pays’ Teaser Hint at a Fatal End for Walker?

by Jon D. B.

Who’s hat is that floating down a Montana creek in Yellowstone‘s latest “Every. Body. Pays.” teaser for Season 4? Could it be Walker?

Let’s be real here, Walker’s a weasel. While the actor behind him, Ryan Bingham, is an Oscar-winning musical genius, Outsider, and all-around great guy – he does not play one on Yellowstone. Or, if he does, then I clearly missed the context clues there.

To this Yellowstone die-hard, all I see is the guy who comes in, whines about everything, shacks up with Beth Dutton (c’mon Beth, you can do so much better), then tries to run like a coward. So when the cowboy shows back up in a local bar and is spotted by the Yellowstone ranch hands – you know something’s going down in Season 4. That something just might be the wrapping up of his story.

Too much? This is fiction, we’re talking. In Yellowstone‘s world – traitors get a trip to the Train Station. And this latest Season 4 teaser could be hinting at such a fate for Walker.

If you haven’t seen the show’s newest, ominous clip, check it out below. Then, lets’ get into why Outsider thinks it could very well be the singin’ cowboy’s blood washing down that otherwise pristine creek.

After the gunshot, we see a white cowboy hat floating down the current. Followed by the blood of some unfortunate soul. So what, exactly makes us think it’s Bingham’s character?

‘Yellowstone’: For a Cowboy, It’s All in the Hat

Right off the bat, several characters come to mind when that hat starts a’floatin’. Several ladies and gents wear their wide brims in white on Yellowstone, but there’s a few main suspects.

Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler and Ryan Bingham as Walker. Photo credit: Paramount Network / Viacom Inc. / Yellowstone.

The first is, of course, John Dutton. Which is the most on-the-nose choice for this teaser. While John does often wear a white hat, we’ve seen him “meet his fate” (or not) at the end of Season 3… And he was in the middle of the road, not in a creek.

Malcolm Beck also loved him a white cowboy hat, but… Well… He’s very dead. And we’re sorry to disappoint, but it’s not Jamie Dutton‘s hat, as he wears a distinctive buckskin color with a curled brim.

But beyond color, it’s the style of Western hat that has us thinking it’s Walker. Kevin Costner’s patriarch wears a classic cowboy style with a folded brim, as does Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler (see above), though in black or brown. So do the Dutton sons, adopted or not, as well as most other ranchers present.

Know who doesn’t like a fold, and prefers a Ranger and/or Outback style flat brim, however? Walker. And we ain’t talking the Texas Ranger, here.

Color us crazy, but the hat in the latest Yellowstone teaser looks as round and flat as can be. There’s no oval shape to it, which curled brims create. It floats like a dream. Or nightmare, rather. So our money’s on Walker.

We just might see the character get what’s coming to him come this fall courtesy of Yellowstone Season 4. Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see for Mr. Bingham.