‘Yellowstone’: Does This Character Have the Best Arc on the Series So Far?

by Thad Mitchell

In a series built upon character development, one particular “Yellowstone” character stands out to fans as having the top story arc.

It is hard to argue against Jefferson White’s Jimmy Hurdstrom being one of the most well-developed characters on the show. Jimmy has gone through a lot in four “Yellowstone” seasons and shows great perseverance through it all. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by “Yellowstone” fans either. Jimmy’s story arc is the subject of a recent Reddit thread, in which fans of the show heap praise on White for his role as Jimmy. The thread starter uses a meme to make their point.

“Jimmy has the best story arc in the whole series,” the poster says in the meme. “Change my mind.”

You won’t find many “Yellowstone” fans arguing against this assessment. Jimmy is universally loved by the show’s robust fan base and it seems almost every viewer finds themselves rooting for Jimmy to succeed.

“No question about this topic,” a Reddit user says. ” Post Texas Jimmy is totally awesome.”

“I like Jimmy because of the growth of his character,” a “Yellowstone” fan proclaims. “His is the only complete story arc. Yellowstone is Jimmy’s story.”

“He’s kind of the only character arc,” another Redditor says. “Everyone else is pretty much still the same character they were in season one. Just in different scenarios and in different moods. Jimmy is the only one who has truly changed.”

In an interview with CinemaBlend, Jefferson White says his character still has some growing to do.

“I guess I hope that one day, Jimmy gets some sense of agency, that he gets some sense of getting to make his own decisions,” he says. “I think that would represent growing up for him. But I don’t know if that day is coming anytime soon.”

‘Yellowstone’ Path Sends Jimmy to Four Sixes Ranch in Texas

We first meet Jimmy in the first episode of season one. Rip Wheeler shows up at the door of his mobile home one night with a branding iron. A drug addict, Jimmy is given a chance at redemption by Rip in the form of a “Yellowstone” brand. He accepts and his storyline is up and running.

Through four seasons we’ve also seen Jimmy grow and mature into a respectable cowboy. Season four sends Jimmy off to Texas and the famous Four Sixes Ranch. There, Jimmy also learns what it means to be a true cowboy. He also finds love in veterinarian Emily and the two are now engaged.

White admits it’s been a heckuva journey for Jimmy and it isn’t over yet. The actor says the key to Jimmy’s arc is simply rolling with the punches and taking on challenges as they come.

“He doesn’t really know where he’s headed,” he says. “He doesn’t know what his future is. He’s just trying to take it one day at a time. That’s pretty much how I feel, and I think that’s how Jimmy feels.”