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‘Yellowstone’ Drops Clip That Is ‘A Whole 2020 Mood’

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Paramount Network Press Center

The theme of 2020 is really just to roll with the punches.

From experiencing the deadly pandemic to cancellations to deaths to the overall realignment of what it means to live, people are just taking life as it comes.

‘Yellowstone’ as a ‘Mood’

The hit Paramount Network show shared a clip of “Yellowstone” where the Dutton gang is trying to round up a group of horses into the enclosure.

The herd of horses is seen prancing through the wild Montana mountains where they all need to be relocated together. As the gang is trying to figure out the best approach they discover no approach is the best approach.

No clear plan means they can be open to whatever.

John Dutton hears his son’s plan that is a whole bunch of “F-It” exchanged amongst the group. They all somehow agree on just going after it.

“Your logic is so flawed son, hell, it almost makes sense,” Dutton said.

While the possibility of getting trampled is pretty great, creating a plan just seems that much worse.

When it comes to horseback riding, some of the cast of “Yellowstone” can certainly attest that it can lead to some pain.

Hauser Keeps in Shape

According to Express, one of People’s Sexiest Men of the Year, Cole Hauser, one of the ways he stays in shape for the show is horseback riding. Which is clearly a frequent activity on a ranch.

Cole Hauser plays Rip Wheeler on the show, the tough-as-nails ranch hand and fiancé to John Dutton’s daughter, Beth. He makes it seem like easy work on the show, but it’s not as easy behind the scenes.

After breaks from filming, going back to the rigorous cowboy lifestyle can be hard.

“Horseback riding, as you know, at a very high level, is a hell of a workout for core and back and legs, and you name it,” Hauser said.

At 225 pounds, the workout that comes from consistently riding a horse is a lot tougher than it seems. He revealed that he’s sore for a week when he comes back to work.

Fans love the beloved Rip Wheeler and anticipate his return in season 4. However, Hauser will also premiere in the movie “The Last Champion” on Dec. 8 in the meantime.

“The Last Champion” is about a scandal-ridden ex-olympian John Wright who returns to his hometown after his mother died. The movie explores the life of the championship wrestler and his wrestle with morality back in his hometown where he is disgraced.

From cowboy to wrestler, being in shape will still need to be a priority for Hauser.