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‘Yellowstone’ Drops Hysterical ‘Life According to Jimmy’ Montage

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Oh, Jimmy. The criminal-turned-cowboy is responsible for many of Yellowstone‘s lighthearted moments. And it’s all courtesy of his knack for truly terrible decision-making.

If there’s one palm-to-face-inducing character on Yellowstone, it’s Jimmy Hurdstrom. This young buck does not know how to keep himself out of trouble, and the show’s new Life According to Jimmy montage exemplifies this tenfold.

“Never a dull moment when Jimmy’s around,” Yellowstone captions their latest featurette on Twitter Wednesday. Ain’t that the damn truth. From Rip tasing Jimmy immediately upon their first meeting to always picking fights with men twice his size, the reformed cowboy is far from a model citizen. But we love him anyway.

And as bad of an influence as she is, Mia loves him, too. The montage ends on a high note for Jimmy, as we relive Mia “being his first.” We’ll let you watch it instead of writing about it. No one wants that.

A whirlwind of ass-beatings, bronc-riding wins and fails, and truly terrible decisions come before this triumphant moment, however. And the pain train doesn’t stop here for Jimmy, either.

When last we left the 20-something, Jimmy was on his back yet again after another crippling rodeo accident. By Season 3’s end, he may very well be dead in the dirt of Yellowstone Ranch. Or is he?

Jimmy’s Future in the ‘Yellowstone’ Franchise is Bright, Regardless of Intelligence

Yes, we’re throwing a lot of shade Jimmy’s way. But there’s no denying the young man is fully responsible for this. We don’t write the show, we just watch it. So in reality, it’s all Taylor Sheridan’s fault.

Yet Sheridan is obviously a big fan of Jimmy and the actor playing him, Jefferson White. Outsider is, too, as White is the only reason we all love Jimmy. Put any other actor in this guy’s shoes and he’d be a pathetic POS. But White manages to cram so much heart and hope into Jimmy Hurdstrom that we’re all waiting on the edge of our saddles to see if he’s alive come Season 4.

Regardless of if he is or not, more Jimmy is on the horizon. We’re not sure how or why, but Jefferson White has been cast as a lead in Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone spinoff, 6666. The show takes place in America’s largest, most historical Texas ranch of the same name. Sheridan himself actually acquired the ranch this year to preserve its integrity. Though, we’re sure the amount of money he’ll save shooting his show on what is now his own property was a factor, too.

Either way, once 6666 hits, Jimmy Hurdstrom will find himself in Texas. How he manages to break away from the Duttons as a branded man remains to be seen. And we can’t wait to find out.

In the meantime, we’ll see what’s become of Jimmy on his home ranch come November 7’s Yellowstone Season 4 premiere.