‘Yellowstone’: The Dutton Ranch Sign Pops Up at Herald Square in NYC

by Thad Mitchell

It appears the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is expanding its reach all the way across the country to the east coast.

The infamous Dutton Ranch sign that appears on the show popped in the Big Apple yesterday. The infamous sign that often appears on “Yellowstone” made its way to New York on Monday. On the show, the Dutton Ranch sign guides visitors to the ranch’s central location within its gates. The “Yellowstone” creative crew is now using the sign to entice new viewership ahead of the upcoming fourth season. The sign will be placed in different locations during the lead-up to the new season premiere. It is part of a “Yellowstone” scavenger hunt campaign that invites fans to guess where the sign is based on a few clues.

New York is also a great first stop for the Dutton Ranch sign as “Yellowstone” looks to expand its viewer base. No word yet on where the sign is today but we will jump right into the scavenger hunt once the next clue comes out. There are only five more days until the fourth season premieres with two episodes back-to-back. Until then, we have a scavenger hunt to tide us over until Sunday.

“If you guessed New York City, you were right!” the Twitter post exclaims. “The iconic Dutton Ranch sign made an appearance at Herald Square in the heart of NYC. Come back tomorrow for day 2!”

The tweet includes a link to the site findingyellowstone.com, where the scavenger hunt is explained in more detail. “Yellowstone” fans are gleefully participating in the social media scavenger hunt. It’s a fun and creative way to count down the remaining days until the fourth season arrives this Sunday.

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The “Finding Yellowstone” website goes into further detail about the scavenger hunt and its intended purpose.

“Six Landmarks in Six Landmark Locations? Let’s Go to Work!” the scavenger hunt guidelines state. Participants who correctly guess the “Yellowstone” clues will have a chance to win prizes. Among the prizes is a trip to the real Dutton Ranch — a dream for practically every fan of the show.

“We’re celebrating the season 4 premiere of Yellowstone with a scavenger hunt like no other!” the site explains. “We’ve hidden iconic elements from the show in various cities around the country, and we’re challenging YOU to find them. If you guess correctly, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a variety of Yellowstone prizes, including a trip to the real-life Dutton Ranch!”

As with most everything “Yellowstone,” this scavenger hunt is a big hit among the show’s fan base. Several fans of the show were able to correctly identify where the Dutton sign was on Monday. We will have to wait and see where they put it for Tuesday’s portion of the hunt.