‘Yellowstone’: Eagle-Eyed Fan Spots Major Ranch Branding Error During Episode 3

by Sean Griffin
Photo credit: Paramount

Yellowstone‘s third episode of Season 5 premiered tonight, and one eagle-eyed fan spotted a huge ranch-branding error during the episode.

One fan noticed that in the episode, when Walker appears shirtless, he’s noticeably missing the iconic Yellowstone Dutton Ranch brand on his chest.

In the tweet below, one fan responds to the show’s official Twitter account with a photo they took from their couch during the Episode 3 premiere.

“What happened to his Brand on his chest?” they wondered, stringing a few Yellowstone-themed hashtags in their post, including #BunkhouseBoys. The user included a picture of Walker, whose bare chest reveals no Yellowstone branding.

“Thought I was the only one who noticed….” one person wrote.

However, some users online contend that the brand is actually there, just very hard to see in the lighting of the show. “It is there you can barely see it,” one fan wrote.

What do you think? View the photo here to be the judge of whether the brand is absent or barely visible.

However, one fan recently revealed a Yellowstone-inspired brand of their own. Only this time, instead of being branded with a hot iron rod, they’ve decided to make the iconic ‘Y’ marking on their pizza.

This fan combined their love of the Taylor Sheridan series with their penchant for pizza-making. They tweeted out a picture of a pizza they’d baked that includes the iconic Dutton Ranch brand. You can view the Yellowstone-inspired pizza below.

Significance of ‘Yellowstone’ Brands

In Yellowstone, characters receive brands to signify loyalty and advancement. The ceremony normally signals a “rite of passage for a character.” The act of being branded represents being a part of the ranch forever and is a testament to their loyalty. The brand bounds its holders to the ranch, and in the same way a brand binds a cow to its owner, the brand of the ranch does the same.

Branding is presented as an initiation ceremony, and it requires sacrifices on the end of the one receiving it.

Those who receive the brand stay with the ranch through thick and thin, no matter what.

The brand often represents a second chance, as well. Many of the ranch hands remain loyal to the ranch because it provides them a new life. The brand represents a rebirth, as many of these people come to the ranch with troubled pasts.

For example, when Rip brands Jimmy, he gave him the option to receive the brand and work for the ranch or be turned over to law enforcement. Jimmy chooses to receive the brand and stay on with the ranch.

Yellowstone Season 5 debuted back on Sunday, Nov. 13 at 8 p.m. ET on Paramount Network. However, the first four seasons, along with the first three episodes of Season 5, are available to stream on Peacock.