‘Yellowstone’ Episode 3: Fans Notice Major Time Error in Young John Dutton Scene

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

Following the airing of Yellowstone’s season 5 episode 3, fans pointed out a major time error during the young John Dutton scene. 

A Twitter user pointed out the Yellowstone error based on a Crown Royal bottle. “Did I just see a CURRENT day Crown Royal bottle on that drink cart with young #JohnDutton?” 

Josh Lucas, who plays the younger version of Kevin Costner’s character, has made appearances on the series numerous times over the years. During a behind-the-scenes video from Paramount, Lucas stated that he believed the show’s creator Taylor Sheridan was the only director he ever stalked. “I was obviously a big fan of his writing before Yellowstone and then when I read the script, I was just totally blown away by it. He didn’t cast me but I kind of let it go. At the same time, I sent him little notes and messages about why he made a mistake.”

However, Lucas admitted that he didn’t know he was going to be cast as the younger version of John Dutton. “Then strangely I got this text saying could I be on set the next day for a different character in a different part and I’m kind of amazed and grateful it happened that way.”

Lucas also stated that he and Costner have never been on the Yellowstone set together. He noted that the production approached the situation like Godfather Part II. With Robert DeNiro playing a younger version of Marlon Brando. “Taylor and I talked about the idea of The Godfather. When De Niro was playing Brando, he wasn’t attempting to look or act like Marlon Brando. He was attempting to play the character. That’s what we talked about.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Call For A Spin-Off Series Featuring Josh Lucas as Younger John Dutton

Meanwhile, Yellowstone fans are now begging Sheridan to do a spin-off series featuring Josh Lucas as the younger version of John Dutton.

As previously reported, fans shared their thoughts about Lucas’ portrayal of the Yellowstone major character. “I am here for a spin-off with Josh Lucas as a young John Dutton! Get on this [‘Yellowstone’],” one fan declared. 

“So… this is totally leading to a Yellowstone prequel with Josh Lucas as a John Dutton AND I AM HERE FOR IT!!! RAWR!” Another fan further shared. An admirer of the series stated that it would be a mistake to not do a spin-off featuring Lucas. “The flashbacks this season has the been the best part. Beth is so damn annoying.”

Lucas recently spoke to PEOPLE and said he hopes he’ll return for Season 5. “And I say that with sort of a wink in my eye because I think so. I really do. It’s one of my favorite jobs I’ve ever had.”