‘Yellowstone’ Episode 3: Fans React To Wild Ending With (SPOILER) Going To Jail

by Sean Griffin
Photo credit: Paramount

In Yellowstone Episode 3, “Tall Drink of Water,” ends with one of the more dramatic closings in Yellowstone‘s long series. Beth, Rip, and the bunkhouse boys go out for one wild night of drinking. However, it ends up going extremely poorly for the Duttons. Beth assaults a drunk woman in a bar by smashing a beer bottle over her head. By the end of the episode, Beth is being escorted off to jail.

This is huge for the upcoming arc of Season 5. We’ve seen Beth act erratically and behave unacceptably in front of strangers, but this time, she’s really done it. done something wildly unacceptable to a stranger in public. 

However, now we may see Beth have to humble herself as we’ll now see her face the repercussions of her actions. Plenty of fans took to Twitter to react to the crazy ending to the third episode of Season 5.

“Beth Dutton is a walking liability,” one user wrote, with many users quickly liking the tweet posted shortly after the debut.

“That ending made me wish it was [already] next Sunday,” another user wrote.

“Beer bottle to the head sounds warranted in this situation,” one fan wrote, defending Beth’s decision online.

Whatever your stance on Beth Dutton and her actions, there’s no doubt we’re already excited to see what happens next episode, which will appear on Paramount next Sunday.

Viral TikTok Suggests ‘Yellowstone’ Rips Off ‘Sons of Anarchy’

New characters join the show in Season 5, hoping to add more drama to the series. Actors Kai Caster, Lilli Kay, and Dawn Olivieri joined Yellowstone in new roles. However, this one fan thinks that new cast members can’t save the show.

One viral video on TikTok suggests that the two series are far too similar and that Yellowstone borrows from and rips off Sons of Anarchy.

On October 3, prior to the release of the new season, TikTok user Lydia Kyle (@ranchwife) posted a video about the show. She claimed she was done with Yellowstone for a few reasons, citing that she felt she’d “already seen it.”

Kyle accused Yellowstone of being a “direct ripoff” of Sons of Anarchy. She claimed the shows became too similar around Season 3, calling the influence “undeniable.”

Kyle then noted that Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan worked on Sons of Anarchy. However, she falsely claims he worked as a co-writer or co-producer, while Sheridan merely acted as Deputy Chief David Hale in 20 episodes.

“There’s nothing new under the sun. I get that, but at this point, it’s just… it’s literally the exact same thing,” Kyle said. “But it’s with horses instead of motorcycles.” 

Kyle then goes through Yellowstone characters and compares them to their matching “counterparts” on Sons of Anarchy. “They’re literally the exact same characters,” she claimed. “I would still be watching if it had depth, but at this point, there’s no depth.”