‘Yellowstone’ Every Episode Feast Airing on Thanksgiving, How to Watch

by Thad Mitchell

The fourth season of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” has certainly lived up to its massive billing.

That much is evident in the insane number of viewers who tuned into the fourth “Yellowstone” premiere earlier this month. An estimated 8 million flipped the channel over to the “Yellowstone” season four debut. That number of viewers makes one of the most-watched cable television events of all time. The fourth season has no intention of slowing down anytime soon and you can expect more heart-stopping action as the fourth season rolls along.

If you’re hungry for more “Yellowstone,” and who isn’t, then the Paramount Network has you covered. You can binge all four seasons while you binge on turkey, dressing and mashed potatoes. The Network’s “Yellowstone Every Episode Feast” will begin on Thanksgiving Day, which is tomorrow (Thursday).

The first season of the modern western drama series will run all day tomorrow as we celebrate Turkey Day. You can watch seasons two, three and four on November 26, 27, and 28. The Marathon will lead all the way to Sunday evening when the fifth episode of season four debuts. It’s truly a “Yellowstone” fans Thanksgiving Day delight and you can be there will be plenty of people tuning in to catch the marathon. As every “Yellowstone” fan knows, the only thing better than watching the show is watching it again.

Episode five will be followed by a special preview of “Mayor of Kingstown” and you won’t want to miss that.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four is Off to an Action-Packed Start

“Yellowstone” viewers are still raving about the opening sequence in the first episode of season four.

Within the first few minutes of the season opener, we learn the Dutton family has survived the attempts on their lives. We see Rip Wheeler keep John Dutton alive by getting him medical assistance as fast as he can. We see Kayce Dutton go John Rambo on the people who shot his father. Kayce gets into a massive gunfight with the assassins and comes out on top. He does get shot in the stomach area as the fight concludes but seemingly survives. We see Beth Dutton do the most Beth Dutton thing ever and ask for a cigarette despite being almost dead.

What we don’t see in the opener is just who is behind the attacks on the Dutton family. That is a question that “Yellowstone” fans have been dying to know but we are nowhere closer to an answer.

It is likely the remainder of the fourth season will revolve around solving this mystery and learning just who is behind the attacks. There are plenty of theories out there about who might have done it, but we shouldn’t have to wait much longer for an answer.