‘Yellowstone’: Everything to Know About Josh Holloway, the Actor Behind Roarke Morris

by Suzanne Halliburton

Yellowstone fans discovered what Lost watchers knew more than a decade ago. Josh Holloway and his dimples are fun and devious.

Josh Holloway is 51. Although he’s worked as an actor throughout his life, his best-known part, to date, is Sawyer, the loveable grifter from Oceanic Flight 815. Holloway starred on Lost for six seasons. His southern drawl and smile helped solve a lot of his problems. He eventually morphed into a leader and found love with Juliet. Lost, an Emmy winner for best drama, was one of the most beloved shows on television when it ran from 2004-10. And it quickly developed a cult-like following.

Now, Holloway has a season of Yellowstone under his belt playing a villainous Wall Street type who created havoc for the Dutton family. It’s unclear if he’ll stay on the show in season four. Variety reported Thursday that Josh Holloway will star in a new HBO series called Duster. J.J. Abrams, a co-creator of Lost, is the writer for Duster.

Before He Was an Actor Josh Holloway Made a Living Off His Good Looks

But before Lost, Josh Holloway, literally, earned a living off his looks. He modeled for print ads and walked the runways for big designers like Dolce & GabbanaCalvin Klein and Donna Karan. He also played a part in the Aerosmith video for “Cryin.’ Check it out.

By 2007, Josh Holloway became the face Davidoff’s Cool Water, a men’s cologne. And, he became a spokesman for Magnum ice cream. Now that’s a tasty job.

With so many people checking him out as Sawyer, it’s no wonder Holloway started picking up honors for his looks. After the first season of Lost, People magazine named Holloway as one of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World.” The In Touch magazine declared Holloway the “hottest hunk on TV. ” Us Weekly readers rated him as the second-sexiest star in Hollywood. TV Guide listed him among its “sexiest stars.”

Holloway also dabbled with other forms of entertainment. He got into video games and was cast as a character in Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. He played Ajay, a Brotherhood of Nod intelligence officer.

Post Lost, Holloway Reunited With Another Show Creator

Post Lost, Josh Holloway earned a role in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. He also starred in the short-lived CBS drama, Intelligence.

In 2016, Holloway reunited with Lost creator Carlton Cuse for the sci-fi show, Colony. He played Will Bowman, a former FBI agent and Army Ranger trying to protect his family in a world taken over by space aliens.

Last year, Josh Holloway joined the Yellowstone cast as Roarke Morris. He described Morris as a “hedge-fund baller.” And Holloway admits he thought he’d be getting a different Yellowstone part.

“When I got the call, I was so excited that I was finally going to get to be a cowboy,” Holloway told USA Today. “Because in 18 years of acting, no one has cast me as the cowboy, for God’s sake. I was like, finally. Thank you, Taylor (Sheridan).

“And nope. He cast me as a Wall Street guy. I was like, ‘Taylor? Really?’ He thought that was the funniest thing.”