‘Yellowstone’ Fan Discovers Classic Song Lyrics That Are ‘Perfect’ for the Kevin Costner Series

by Thad Mitchell

Among the largest and most loyal fan bases around, “Yellowstone” faithful continue to find ways to get their fix in the show’s absence.

The hit Paramount Network series is currently on hiatus with an expected return later this year. In the meantime, fans are getting creative in finding ways to get their dose of modern western drama. Many fans have turned to the internet in an effort to keep their “Yellowstone” spirit alive. Social media sites, like Twitter and Instagram, are full of fans expressing their thoughts on the series. Message board forum sites, like Reddit, have also become a hotbed of “Yellowstone” activity. Fans love to discuss their theories and speculate on the future of the show and their favorite characters. Some “Yellowstone” enthusiasts come up with even more creative ways to honor and remember their favorite show.

That is the case with one particular “Yellowstone” fan who thinks they have found the perfect song for the show. The Reddit poster says they were humming a popular tune by musician Glenn Frey when they discovered it goes right along with the show.

“Okay, I just got a bit goofy. That happens when I’m hungry,” the Reddit user says. “For some odd reason I just start humming “The Heat Is On” by Glenn Frey…then changed some lyrics. “The binge is on, it’s on TV…” But, I don’t recall all the lyrics, so I Google it (totally forgot the song was for “Beverly Hills Cop”). When I read the lyrics it dawned on me that, as is, they’re perfect for ‘Yellowstone.'”

Here are the lyrics to the Glenn Frey Classic. Do you agree that this is the perfect song for “Yellowstone?”

Regardless of how you feel about the song, the heat is definitely on for “Yellowstone” officials. Frustration continues to grow among the show’s massive fan base. There has been no word on when season four will premiere to the ire of fans. Many fans thought the show might premiere over the Father’s Day weekend. The day to celebrate dads came and went with no “Yellowstone” premiere.

The prevailing thought now is that “Yellowstone” could wait out the upcoming Olympics before premiering its new season. It could be a smart move on the show’s part to escape direct competition with the summer games. The Olympics are always a huge draw with millions around the world clinging to every moment. The games will begin in late July with the finale coming on August 8. We could then finally see “Yellowstone” return to our television sets for a new season. Still, “Yellowstone” fans are looking for any kind of assurance they can get that the new season will begin soon.

We must remain patient fellow “Yellowstone” loyalists. The wait will be totally worth it.