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Burly ‘Yellowstone’ Fan Hilariously Recreates Unforgettable Beth Dutton Scenes

by Jon D. B.
(source: Paramount Networks Press Center, Yellowstone Series Photography)

“Eat your heart out Beth Dutton fans” – this burly, bearded husband has hilariously recreated famous Beth Dutton scenes on his California ranch.

Yellowstone’s official Instagram is taking a break from the norm to spread some hilarious vibes. In a series of stories, one fan in particular is absolutely owning their 15 minutes of fame.

Considering we’re recreating Beth Dutton scenes, you might expect a female fan. But you would be wrong. Once you see these, however, you’ll understand just how much better of a decision this is.

Beth’s model is Joshua Varozza, and he is as burly and bearded as ranchers come. Joshua is posing for his wife, professional photographer Tami, and despite the lack of resemblance he is all in as Beth Dutton. One could say he is slaying it.

“Eat your heart out Beth Dutton fans,” Tami posts to Instagram. “You have yet to see a rancher bathe in a farm trough as hot as this !! Introducing to you Dudeoir Model Joshua Varozza in the all new Yellowstone Ranch Collection!”

Beth Dutton Scenes Hilariously Recreated

Yellowstone’s official Instagram account is such a fan of the shots that they’re sharing them to their stories. As a result, all fans of the show have been able to share in the majesty of this photoshoot.

“I thought, ‘how funny would it be to recreate [these scenes] with a big, burly, hairy, bearded man?” Tami tells Yellowstone.

(Photo credit: Paramount/Yellowstone)

“Eat your heart out Beth Dutton fans as Josh Varozza heats up the bath trough even more,” she says in her original Instagram post. In addition to loving the idea, Tami says “if there was a chance to do something fun to lighten the mood…”

(photo credit: Paramount/Yellowstone)

“… this was it!” And fans are absolutely in agreeance. Amidst a turbulent and often tragic year, these hysterical, fun photos are a welcomed breath of musk-tinted air.

(Photo credit: Paramount/Yellowstone)

Tami also notes that “just like the Duttons, Josh grew up on a ranch.” He and Tami now own their own ranch in California, too, where they operate both livestock operations and Tami’s photography studio.

(Photo credit: Paramount/Yellowstone)

Needless to say, your life is now better for these images, isn’t it?

Josh isn’t the only one rocking some major Dutton vibes of late, either. In another recent Instagram post, George Strait himself is absolutely breaking fans as he sports a near-identical John Dutton look.

Season 4 of Yellowstone, cable’s No. 1 drama, returns in 2021 on Paramount Network.

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