‘Yellowstone’ Fan Hilariously Stumbles Upon Rip Wheeler in a Surprising Place

by Joe Rutland

If you are an avid Yellowstone fan, then you might just be out minding your business and run into Rip Wheeler. Or at least a cutout. Yes, the Cole Hauser character from Yellowstone does definitely offer up an intimidating look. This fan shared a picture they took and it’s just too good to be true. Two images of Rip Wheeler in one place? Mercy. That’s a lot of Rip to deal with in the location.

‘Yellowstone’ Character Rip Wheeler Got A Surprise As Season 4 Ended

Hauser has definitely made his mark on the Paramount Network drama. Seeing him work alongside Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton, is worth keeping a close eye on for the show.

If you missed the way that Yellowstone ended Season 4, then you missed a sweet moment between the two. Rip and Beth got married. No, it was not in a formal church setting. That would have suited Beth’s father John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner. Beth wasn’t having any of that, though. At least when she’s in a hurry.

So, Beth went out and kidnapped a priest. A Catholic priest. She made sure that he was up at the Dutton Ranch and would perform the ceremony. Beth got a hold of Rip and, with a few close friends and one young boy, they were married. It’ll be something to see in Season 5 how this goes down.

Hauser, Kelly Reilly Work Well Together As Rip, Beth On The Show

Longtime Yellowstone viewers know that they have had an on-again, off-again relationship at times. But that’s seemingly gotten much closer through last season. They even moved into a space John gave them, along with Carter, played by Finn Little. That’s a whole lot of changes for Rip to go through. Still, he’s been through a lot in his own life.

As for Hauser and Reilly, that on-screen chemistry works. It just does. Both have said that the work that they do comes in a giving nature. Hauser has said that she makes it comfortable to work with her in scenes.

Oh, we were talking about cutouts as they are in a restaurant. Do you want to know who else has Rip Wheeler cutouts? None other than Hauser’s mom. Cass Warner went on Instagram in early March and shared a photo. It was of the life-sized cutout of Hauser that is in her living room. Good job supporting your son, Mom. 

She writes in the Instagram post: “Look who came to visit me, and stay a while. The gift that keeps on giving! Having a life-size cut out of my son has brought many funny stories to tell. What gets me is just by the way he’s standing, I know it’s him.”