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‘Yellowstone’ Fan Makes Case for Why Beth, Kayce, and Jamie Should Ditch Dutton Ranch

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

The hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is currently on hiatus, but that won’t stop fans of the show from getting their fix. One detail up for debate: why the Dutton kids don’t just get the heck out of Montana.

In a recent Reddit thread, a “Yellowstone” brings up an interesting point and theory. The fan asks why the Dutton children cling to the drama-ridden ranch when it might be easier to leave. Of course, there is no easy answer to this question, but Redditors pulled out some interesting observations.

“I am nearing the end of season two, a few things that really bug me about the show,” the Reddit user states. “Why do the kids stick around? I just don’t understand their attachment to their father and Yellowstone, it just doesn’t ring true. Jamie and Beth both seem to have successful careers they could pursue anywhere and have little interest in running the ranch after their father dies. Kaycee was perfectly happy ecking out a living as a horse trainer before Monica left him, and even then he had to be convinced not to sleep in the bunkhouse. We are repeatedly told there isn’t actually much money in the place, so why do any of them want it? They all kinda hate the place, After Lee dies (which is something they seem to move on from incredibly quickly), who exactly are they saving it for? Tate?”

Other “Yellowstone” fans have plenty to say on this subject. “Why do they stick around?” another fan asks before answering their own question. “The Yellowstone land is worth half a billion dollars.”

The favorite pastime of “Yellowstone” fans is talking about the show they so dearly love. Social media and forum sites, like Reddit, are full of “Yellowstone” watchers looking to discuss the show with their fellow fans. So if you’re feeling the “Yellowstone” offseason blues, you can hit up any of these sites.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Question Dutton Family’s Motives

Dutton family patriarch, John Dutton, prefers to keep his family under his thumb and doing his bidding. He often alienates his own children with his demanding demeanor and loose moral sense. Still, his family answers his call when he needs something from them. Could they be angling for the lion’s share of John’s inheritance fortune? We know “Yellowtone” Ranch is worth millions — even John refuses to sell it.

“But they have all sworn not to sell it!” another Redditor says. “Even Beth who has said she’d be happy to sell it but won’t because it’s against her father’s wishes.”

It is an interesting question that doesn’t seem to have a straightforward answer. The advice from fellow “Yellowstone” fans to the thread starter is to keep watching and pay close attention as secrets begin to unfold and the Dutton family dynamics become clearer.

That is good advice for all “Yellowstone” fans. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long for more of our favorite show.