‘Yellowstone’ Fans Pinpoint Overlooked Scene Potentially Foreshadowing Beth Becoming Mom to a Young Boy

by Lauren Boisvert
Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler and Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton. Episode 3 of Yellowstone- "An Acceptable Surrender"

With a host of new cast members projected for season 4, Yellowstone fans are speculating where all those characters are going to fit. Piper Perabo, Jacki Weaver, and Kathryn Kelly join Finn Little in the season; Perabo, Weaver, and Kelly will feature as recurring roles, but Little is set to be a series regular, according to TV Acute.

With the news of Finn Little joining the Yellowstone cast, viewers are wondering how he will find his place with the Duttons. A few fans took to Reddit to pose their questions.

‘Yellowstone’: The Dutton Home for Wayward Boys

John Dutton is known for taking in strays; most of his ranch hands have been in trouble in one way or another. John Dutton gives them another chance on the ranch. Now, he’s apparently taking in 14-year-old Carter and teaching him “how to be a man.”

In an episode discussion on Reddit, fans noticed Rip’s attitude towards Kayce’s son, Tate, and speculated that he would make a good father figure in the future. Posted by boots_and_bullets, the post comments, “Seeing the episode with Rip and Tate in the corral with his pony…I can see why Beth and Rip inherit a young boy.” Fans are hoping that it’s possible Carter will join the Dutton family through adoption.

Another user commented on how good Rip was with Tate in the scene: “kind, gentle, patient, respectful, talking TO him and not AT him, like some adults do when they talk to kids. She [Beth] could see that, despite his gruff exterior, Rip has a natural way with kids.”

There’s potential for Beth to have the children she wants but can’t have. In season 3 episode 4, Beth reveals to Rip that she can’t have children due to sterilization without her consent. With Carter joining the Dutton ranch in season 4, Rip and Beth could adopt and start a family together.

Beth and Rip’s Rocky Road

Things definitely haven’t been smooth sailing for Beth and Rip on Yellowstone; while they’ve known each other since they were teenagers, their road to a relationship has been filled with potholes. Both of them are dark, scarred characters; Rip watched his abusive father murder his mother and brother, and Beth is haunted by her mother’s death.

But, there’s something about them together that is electric; that something has brought them together over and over again throughout Yellowstone‘s 3 seasons.

Their first date involved them watching wolves eat a dead deer in a field; if that doesn’t spell out “meant to be,” I don’t know what does. While one or the other of them has always pulled back from a relationship, their date with the wolves seemed to have turned a corner. Although, their checkered pasts seem to hinder them when they really try to get close; the events they’ve experienced in their lives have made them “defensive and hardened,” according to Looper.

In Yellowstone season 3, Beth proposes to Rip; this makes her fate all the more gut-wrenching to think about. With them finally together, knowing it could possibly all end in the season 4 premiere is like a stake in the heart for Yellowstone fans.