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‘Yellowstone’ Fan React to Forrie J. Smith’s Message About Missing Awards Show Over Vaccine Mandate

by Leanne Stahulak

In just a few weeks, the cast of “Yellowstone” will attend the Screen Actors Guild award ceremony in recognition of Season 4 of the show.

Although, not all cast members will be able to attend the event. A majority of “Yellowstone” stars were invited to the ceremony after being nominated for Best Ensemble in a Drama. But some stars, like Forrie J. Smith, can’t attend due to COVID restrictions.

The SAG organizers require attendees to be fully vaccinated, with a booster shot and negative COVID test, to go to the event. Smith posted a video on Instagram earlier this week to explain to fans that he’s not vaccinated and doesn’t plan on becoming vaccinated anytime soon.

“I haven’t been vaccinated since I was a little kid. I don’t vaccinate my dogs, I don’t vaccinate my horses. I’ve never had a flu shot, and I never will. Because I believe it compromises your immunity,” Smith said in his video.

“Man, I’m sorry. I was sure looking forward to walking down the red carpet in my big black American hat and my Justin boots. Representing my culture and heritage, but I’m not gonna be able to do that. And I apologize to y’all out there that are part of my culture and heritage,” Smith continued.

The “Yellowstone” star wrapped up by saying he doesn’t mean to offend anyone, but he’s sticking with his beliefs. And several fans took to the comments to share how much they appreciated Smith’s stance.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Praise Forrie J. Smith For ‘Not Compromising’ His Beliefs

In the comments of the “Yellowstone” star’s Instagram post, one fan said what many people were thinking. “Thank you for not compromising your beliefs,” the fan wrote.

Another one said, “Please no apologies. You be you and thank you for being you.” Along those same veins, another fan even started a hashtag in Smith’s honor. “No need to apologize to anyone! Live your best life! #StandFirmwithForrie.”

A different “Yellowstone” fan said it’s “hard to find” anyone in Hollywood who will stand up for their beliefs anymore. Others resonated with Smith’s choice to forgo the awards ceremony in order to make his stance.

“Thank you for your authenticity and holding firm in your beliefs! I was fired from Humana in October for the same! Still wouldn’t change it!” one person commented.

And another fan brought back how vaccines should be related to the individuals’ choice. “Good for you! Your choice!! We all choose what is best for ourselves! No one else should choose that for us. Much respect for speaking up.”

At this point in time, no other “Yellowstone” star has outright said they won’t attend the SAG award ceremony due to COVID restrictions. But it’s certainly a possibility.