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‘Yellowstone’ Fan’s Rip Wheeler Halloween Costume Looks Identical To the Character

by Leanne Stahulak

Cole Hauser who? This “Yellowstone” fan looks like he could step right into the role of Rip Wheeler on the hit Paramount show with no problem!

Earlier this week, a Reddit user named u/gopokes2334 posted a picture of his Halloween costume on the “Yellowstone” subreddit page. He looks almost identical to Hauser, the actor who plays Rip on the show.

Not only did this fan capture Rip’s look perfectly, but even his face and body match the character. He went to the effort of buying Rip’s official jacket from the licensed Yellowstone store, paired it with a cowboy belt buckle, black hat, aviators, worn jeans, and dark cowboy boots. Even his beard seems to match Rip’s on the show.

Take a look at the recreation for yourself in the Reddit post below.

Hundreds of fans upvoted the post, and a few commented on it with praise for the detailed costume. “Not gonna lie, my heart skipped a beat!!!! Damn!!!!” one fan commented.

“Fooled me! You’re a dead ringer,” another person said.

“Jeez I thought this was him til I read the title, awesome!” someone else wrote.

This fan even called out the original “Yellowstone” actor directly, saying, “Nice try, Cole Hauser.”

One person mentioned that several other fans also decided to dress up as Rip for Halloween this year. The original poster replied, “Lol you’re right. I ran into 4 other Rips this weekend at various parties!” Anyone else thinking about that classic Spider-Man pointing meme?

Regardless, we tip our cowboy hats to all the “Yellowstone” fans who created fantastic costumes from the show this year. Beth and Rip couples costumes seemed to be the most popular, according to the official “Yellowstone” Instagram account. But we’re sure there were a few good John Duttons out there too.

‘Yellowstone’ Bracket For Most Likely Culprits Behind Season 3 Finale

Place your final bets, Outsiders and “Yellowstone” fans. With just a few days left until the Season 4 premiere, we here at Outsider decided to make things interesting by putting together a college football-style bracket that ranks the most likely culprits behind that Season 3 finale.

As you can see, the first seed goes to Market Equities. They have the most to gain from taking out the Duttons, and it would satisfy a personal vendetta for Roarke and Willa Hayes.

Next up, we have the Dutton family black sheep, Jamie Dutton. While Jamie’s biological father Garrett told him he’d have to “kill the king” if he wanted the Dutton empire, we’re not sure the scale of the events matches Jamie’s capabilities. But he does have the biggest motive after Market Equities.

Speaking of motive, next up is Thomas Rainwater and the Broken Rock Reservation. Although Rainwater recently allied with the Duttons, he still holds his original mission of reclaiming the ranch’s land for his people.

And lastly, we have Malcolm Beck. Yes, that same Malcolm Beck who “died” at the end of Season 2. But since we didn’t see the death happen, some fans speculate he’ll come back right when the Duttons least expect it.

Do you agree with these rankings? Tell us your thoughts on Outsider’s post.