‘Yellowstone’ Fan Slams Show for ‘Blatant Discrimination’ Against Deaf Viewers

by Joe Rutland
Photo via Paramount Network

A Yellowstone fan has come out with some sharp criticism toward the series and its “blatant discrimination” against deaf viewers. This fan apparently lives in the United Kingdom and is looking for a better way to solve this matter. Obviously, the fan wishes that there were closed captions when the show actually airs on Paramount+ U.K.

At this time, there has been no comment from the Paramount Network or Yellowstone producers regarding this matter. Most television shows offer the ability to turn on or off closed captions. Making them part of the show brings others into the viewership numbers. That would include the deaf or hard of hearing in the audience.

‘Yellowstone’ Keeps Its Eyes Wide Open On John Dutton’s Business

The Taylor Sheridan show just started Season 5 and things are off and running at a fast pace. We’ve already in just the first couple of episodes got John Dutton in the governor’s seat of Montana. And he’s doing things in his own way, not according to the usual political process. Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, is one interesting dude. He’s got his hands full as the leader of the state these days. But he always has his eyes back toward home on the Dutton Ranch.

How will a man of John’s prodigious thirst for power and control be able to do double duty? We know that he’s going to be in that governor’s role for a period of time. While he works for the people of Montana, John has made it clear that all decisions are being made for a reason. That reason? Keep the Dutton Ranch up and running. He said that every decision being made is for the benefit of his ranch. He’s not going to simply let people run over him or his family. Not John Dutton. No way. Yellowstone never has a dull moment on the show at all.

Another storyline to follow this season will be how Monica holds up after losing her baby. Kayce’s wife, played by Kelsey Asbille, was racing to a hospital in Billings when she had a car accident. Monica ran right into a buffalo that wandered onto the road. Monica didn’t see the animal until geting right up to it. She found herself lying in the grass away from the road. Her son managed to get free of the car and call for an ambulance on his cell phone. But when she got to the hospital, it was too late. Kayce showed up there after being out on business. John and Beth made their way there. When John arrived outside her room, he looked and saw Kayce lying next to Monica.