‘Yellowstone’ Fan Spots Glaring Contradiction in John Dutton Season 4 Line

by Thad Mitchell

Since hitting the Paramount Network in 2018, “Yellowstone” has built a massive following of dedicated and loyal fans. With the hit drama series currently on hiatus “Yellowstone” fans have turned to the internet to get their modern western fix.

The one thing “Yellowstone” fans love more than watching their favorite show — is talking about their favorite show. A recent debate among fans on Reddit involves John Dutton and his role on the show as an “anti-hero” of sorts. John is the central protagonist on “Yellowstone” but shows questionable judgment at times and fans often question his motives. One particular Redditor points a strong contradiction from the fourth and latest season.

“Flat out: are we supposed to like John Dutton?” the “Yellowstone” fan asks of fellow fans. “I feel like (Taylor) Sheridan tries to write him as complex and complicated legacy ranch owner with redeeming qualities who puts family over everything. But I don’t think it ever comes off in his favor. I actually laughed out loud in season 4 when he said twice in back-to-back episodes ‘this house was meant to be full with children’ after forcing all of his children out of the house.”

It is fair to question which way John Dutton’s moral compass is pointing. He seemingly wants his family to put him and the ranch above everything but does not reciprocate those feelings in return. In season four he demands that Beth, his own daughter, leave the ranch. He eventually changes his mind, allowing her to stay.

“Not a good guy at all, and he is definitely not someone to idolize,” another fan says of John. “He is just an old SOB that shows some good qualities now and then.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Sound Off on John Dutton

Later in the Reddit thread, a “Yellowstone” fan compares John Dutton to other anti-heroes. It is easy to see that John has much in common with other questionable characters.

“All of TV’s “anti-heroes” come to mind (Tony Soprano, Walter White, Jax Teller),” the Redditor says. “The difference is they all acknowledged at some point or on some level that they were in fact criminals. John Dutton thinks he’s a hero.”

Other “Yellowstone” fans believe John Dutton is a victim of his own pride.

“I think the basic issue is that John doesn’t do everything for his family,” the fan says. “He does it to satisfy his own pride. He mentions repeatedly that he promised his father not to give up a single acre and he takes great pride in keeping that promise, which is what drives him — not love.”

As you can see, fans’ feelings on John Dutton are a mixed bag. One thing we can all agree on is that we are all excited to see him back in season five.