‘Yellowstone’ Fan Spots Head-Scratching Rip Wheeler Move in Intense Beth Dutton Rescue Scene

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

We are still a couple of months away from the return of our favorite modern western delight “Yellowstone,” but fans are already preparing.

In the absence of the hit Paramount Network series, many “Yellowstone” fans are taking the opportunity to rewatch the first three seasons. Numerous fans are also taking to the internet in search of quality “Yellowstone” discussions with fellow watchers. Social media sites, like Facebook, and online forum sites, like Reddit, have become a second for the show’s huge fan base.

There is a great range of “Yellowstone” topics on these sites and practically nothing is off-limits. Fans discuss everything from season four predictions to how to make homemade “Yellowstone” cookies. So, if it “Yellowstone” discussion you are aching for — you’ve come to the right place.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Recall Intense Scene

Some hardcore “Yellowstone” fans admit to rewatching previous seasons several times over. They are searching for the tiniest of clues that might reveal what the future holds for the Dutton family. Repetitive watching also can lead fanatics to discover small plot holes or issues with the show.

In a recent Reddit thread, a fan notes one of these small details that doesn’t make a lot of sense. The Redditor points to a scene from the second season in which Beth Dutton is being attacked by goonies sent by the Beck brothers.

“Something I just noticed when rewatching season two episode seven,” the Reddit user writes. “When Beth is about to get raped, Rip smashes the window with the chair but uses the door to come in. Does anyone else notice this? Why not just come in through the big hole he just made.”

We all remember this “Yellowstone” incident as it is one of the most intense scenes of the entire series. Alone in her office, two masked men sent by the Becks are about to hurt Beth. Rip Wheeler arrives just in time to stop the attack and dispense of the perpetrators.

Malcolm Beck later finds his henchmen dead and hanging from his outdoor patio. It is a pretty big statement that the “Yellowstone” Ranchers make. Later in the season two finale, the Becks meet their demise at the hands of the Dutton clan.

The scene also serves to deepen the feelings between Rip and Beth, exclaiming Rip will do anything to protect his girl.

“Yellowstone” fans can’t wait to see the direction that the romance takes in the upcoming fourth season. We all know Beth is likely to be greatly injured as a result of the third season finale attack. It would hard to imagine Rip simply letting that go. It is far more likely we see the big guy take matters into his own hand and seek revenge.

That is exactly what “Yellowstone” fans want to see.