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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Have a Wild Theory That Jamie Dutton’s Biological Father Is Wade Morrow, Here’s Why

by Jon D. B.
Photo Cred: Paramount Networks Press Center, Yellowstone Series Photography

Paramount’s Yellowstone Season 4 is hopefully just around the corner – and some fans are convinced that Wade Morrow is Jamie Dutton’s true biological father. But why?

In Season 3’s most incredible revelation, fans found out that Jamie – the black sheep of the Dutton family – is actually adopted. While this didn’t sit well with some viewers – it is sticking in their minds for many reasons.

Could this big twist for Jamie turn out to be a fairy tale, too? Many fans are speculating that it is actually Wade Morrow, who a mysterious neighboring rancher – is the lawyer’s true biological father.

I AM YOUR FATHER: Redditors think they know Jamie’s True Parentage

Not much is known about Morrow. He’s had disputes with the Duttons – having let his cattle near the horses to cause a stir, and then some. Yet despite their misgivings, Wade remains a mostly-peaceful acquaintance of patriarch John. So what are the fan theories according to sharp viewers? Reddit holds the most intriguing, as per usual. One Redditor, known as NewGuyBIGuy, says it all:

“Who is Wade Morrow? Jamie’s biological father. John Dutton adopted Jamie when Wade went to jail for killing his wife. Sure, there’s the name issue, but entirely possible he changed his name after getting out of prison.”

NewGuyBIGuy, Reddit

Other – perhaps even sharper fans – aren’t having it. Fellow redditor Stujimoto3 disagrees, saying:

“It doesn’t make sense to me that Wade Morrow is Jamie’s dad. “Why would the show tell two conflicting stories if he was? And when John says to Morrow that he ‘stole something a cowboy should never steal’ that doesn’t sound like a child to me. I just can’t find any logic in Morrow being Jamie’s dad….yet.”

Stujimoto3, Reddit

Could Wade Morrow be Jamie’s true father?

Firstly, Jamie is a huge suspect for the hits put out on his family in Season 3. Many believe he holds the most motive to move against the family and take hold of the ranch. But wouldn’t Wade Morrow (played excellently by Boots Southerland) have far more stake in the ranch than Garret Randall? Randall was revealed to be Jamie’s biological father at the end of S3… yet some viewers think Randall put Jamie up to the task of assassinating his adoptive family. But the dots simply don’t add up. Not yet.

Will Wade Morrow end up a far bigger player in Yellowstone‘s history? Hopefully, Season 4 will hit for us all soon with more flashbacks – and will shed some much-needed light on the whole situation.