‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Absolutely Losing It Over Colby Actor Denim Richards’ New Pic From Season 5 Production

by Jonathan Howard

The Yellowstone ranch isn’t so empty anymore. Production is underway for Season 5 and the cast, including Denim Richards, are back on set. Richards showed off from up on his high horse… literally. We have seen pictures here and there of the cast and crew arriving in Montana. But, pictures like what the Colby actor posted make it all feel real.

Bunkhouse Boys in the building! Er – the barn – to be more specific.

When it comes to Yellowstone cast members, Denim has to be among the most popular. Along with Jefferson White and Ian Bohen, the Bunkhouse Boys are always entertaining. With behind-the-scenes videos, games, and more fun stuff for fans to enjoy while they wait for new episodes of the Dutton family saga.

With each new picture that comes out, the fans get more excited and more hype for this season. It just feels like it is so far away. When it finally does get here, you know it’s going to be well worth the wait. It isn’t just the fact that folks are showing up, it is who is showing up, and who will we see more often this season of Yellowstone.

While seeing Denim Richards on set is wonderful, the news that a couple of recurring characters will now be regulars. If you loved the political drama that was starting to form in Season 4, then you’re in luck. Wendy Moniz, who plays Governor Perry on the series, is going to be a regular now. That can only mean one thing… a lot of political action in the upcoming season.

She isn’t the only one that will be seen more in the upcoming season of Yellowstone.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Upped to Series Regular

Chief Mo is going to be back. Broken Rock and the Dutton ranch will likely once again be at odds with one another. With Yellowstone upping Mo Brings Plenty to a regular, we could be getting more of a neo-Western storyline. The natives on the reservation and the proud white land owner facing off in politics, with words, and you know there will be violence.

I like the idea of a more political John Dutton. The character is getting to the age where he should be less of an enforcer and more focused on the behind-the-scenes action. Moving pieces and manipulating this or that for your own gain. Seeing Beth and Rip take a bigger step towards being the ranch “enforcers” could be something awesome to see as well.

With each new season, a new series of conflicts arise. The Dutton family is going to have to deal with a lot of contradictions, in their own lives and otherwise. Forces of nature, other people, and politics are all going to play a big role, at least that’s what I think based on these details. Yellowstone, y’all.