‘Yellowstone’ Fans Absolutely Need to Check Out This Top-10 Netflix Movie While Waiting for Season 4

by Joe Rutland

Here’s a tip for Outsiders waiting for “Yellowstone” to start Season 4 on the Paramount Network. Go to Netflix right now.

Why are we telling to go visit Netflix? A movie and Taylor Sheridan have tie-ins to the streaming service. Sheridan directed the 2017 movie “Wind River.”

“Yellowstone” fans know Sheridan co-created that show and directed every episode in its first season, too. But “Wind River” has captured the hearts of Netflix users. So much so that it is among Netflix’s top 10 movies playing at this time.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Can Catch This Star-Filled Movie Right Now

The movie is a murder mystery that stars Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen. It features law enforcement officials solving a crime.

Now you might be wondering, what in the world this movie has to do with the Kevin Costner-starring “Yellowstone” series? A lot of your favorite actors from that show (not Costner) appear in the movie. Kelsey Asbille and Gil Birmingham have sizable roles.

Additionally, other stars from the TV show in this flick include James Jordan, Ian Bohen, Hugh Dillon, Eric Lange, and Martin Sensmeier.

Go watch it now on Netflix. Also, set a reminder in your phone calendars about “Yellowstone” as Season 4 kicks off on Sunday, Nov. 7. It will be a two-hour premiere as we find out what happened to the Duttons after gunfire and explosions filled the air.

Tate Dutton Actor Brecken Merrill Shared Thoughts On Working From Home

A lot of people have had to adjust their work schedules in the past months. Actors have done the same, including Tate Dutton actor Brecken Merrill.

Merrill of “Yellowstone” has adjusted his own career schedule. The young actor keeps fans in the loop about his career work thanks to Instagram.

What part of his career has been working at home? Auditions. Merrill has learned about the power of being at home and sending out audition tapes for roles.

Recently, he shared some thoughts about it. Let’s see what the “Yellowstone” star said.

“I love self taping auditions,” he said on Instagram on Thursday. “I wish this would become the new industry standard and we’d only have to go in-person for callbacks and screen tests.”

“Yellowstone” fans know that Tate’s parents are Kaycee Dutton (Luke Grimes) and Monica Dutton-Long (Kelsey Asbille).

Expect Tate and his parents to be part of the ongoing saga. The Season 4 premiere is shaping up to be a wild-and-woolly event. As show fans know, the Duttons are facing serious trouble. It was shown and foreshadowed during the Season 3 finale.

We do not know if John is going to recover from being shot. He was last seen on the side of a road bleeding.