‘Yellowstone’ Fans Go Absolutely Nuts Over New Season 4 Trailer

by Kati Michelle

Yes, it’s true– the time has finally arrived. Paramount just released the new much anticipated full length trailer for Season 4 of “Yellowstone.” This comes after weeks and weeks of teaser trailers and behind-the-scenes photos. Fans have waited a really long time for new content since Season 3 of the series concluded all the way back in August of last year. As we inch closer and closer to that golden November 7th premiere date, fans are squirming and soaking it all in. Fan theories are already circulating about the return of Malcolm Beck and the mastermind behind the Dutton family attacks. Here’s what the fans are saying across various social media platforms.

Twitter Goes Nuts for “Yellowstone”

In a tweet gaining attraction by the hour, the official “Yellowstone” account @Yellowstone tweeted out a link to the Season 4 trailer. They captioned the tweet with “Let’s go! The season 4 trailer is HERE. Don’t miss the #YellowstoneTV two-hour premiere event, Sunday November 7, exclusively on @ParamountNet.”

Fans flocked to the comments immediately. The Paramount Plus team, of course, showed support for the show saying “This is going to be awesome!” Many fans echoed this sentiment and joined in on the conversation. Some fans couldn’t hold in their excitement or concerns for the characters.

@VampsRUs2525 wrote: “Primal screaming!!!!!!!!! Praying for the Duttons, Rainwater, Mo, my Bunk House Boys.”

One fan reminded everyone to remain calm and take some breaths in the midst of all the action:

@Bchellios chimed in with: “It will be here soon! It will be here soon! Deep breath! Binge watch previous seasons!” A gif of a cartoon character rocking back and forth in distress accompanied the tweet. All in good fun we can assume.

Another fan suggested time travel.

@FraserMackKenz joked about speeding up time: “I will pay my rent in advance if we could skip to November.”

Instagram Joins In on the Hype

“Yellowstone” posted the trailer to their Instagram in addition to other platforms like Twitter and YouTube. The Instagram comments mirrored that of Twitter’s and fans can be seen losing their minds. Paramount Plus @paramountplus once again joined the conversation saying “we’ll be watching.”

Many fans are reading into every tiny detail of the trailer to elicit any clues about the characters’ futures.

One such user, @jalyynn13, writes: “I see the back of Beth’s hand. She’s alive!”

Other users don’t take much stock in this idea, but instead notice the absence of some key characters like Beth with @rosimamasita writing: “Where is my Beth… and it’s earlier now!!”

@_sunflowers.and.waves.babe_ couldn’t even formulate complete thoughts in all the excitement repeating “oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god.”

We’ll have all your latest coverage on any “Yellowstone” news including fan theories and any cast updates. Stay tuned!