‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Absolutely Pumped About Tom Hanks Joining ‘1883’

by Jon D. B.

“If he’s not lamenting the loss of a soldier named Wilson then what are we doing here?” Yellowstone Fans are losing it over Tom Hanks joining the cast of 1883.

Yellowstone continues to attract the biggest names in the business. With the hit show now becoming a franchise, there’s even more opportunities to bring in serious star power. And stars don’t come any brighter than Tom Hanks.

“Tom Hanks is joining 1883!” celebrates KumquatConnoisseur, who posted a thread to the Yellowstone Reddit with this statement as the title. It’s getting fans all sorts of excited for the show’s first spinoff, 1883. Hype is through the roof, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s Tom Hanks!

Another Yellowstone fan inquires: “How the hell did they pull a name like Tom Hanks? That dude is tippy top of the A-list.”

It’s no secret that Yellowstone is the biggest show on television now, however, so this is an easy answer. Season 3 and 4 have both broken multiple cable viewership records and taken pop culture by storm. Show mastermind Taylor Sheridan, too, is about the hottest name in Hollywood right now. Pulling in Hanks was surely a cinch as a result.

Yet as one Redditor notes, “Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita are very good friends with Faith and Tim. That might have something to do with it.”

It very well may! Seeing Hanks in character courtesy of this photo goes a long way in building excitement for the show, too:

“It’s a journey where a lot goes wrong. Yup, it’s a Tom Hanks kind of show. Lol,” replies GoodWillHiking.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans are Also Tom Hanks Fans. Who Knew?

The answer to that question, by the way, is everyone. Everyone knew. An easier question is always “who isn’t a Tom Hanks fan? The Reddit thread is alight with proof, too, as fans continue to praise his addition to the show’s first spinoff.

“I’m sure he will be great in the show like he is in everything else he has ever been in. I loved “News of the World”,” another Redditor replies.

NerdLawyer55 nails it with the best response, however, with: “If he’s not lamenting the loss of a soldier named Wilson then what the hell are we doing here?”

Plenty more wit is on display, with one user commenting: “What in the Forrest Gump is going on here? He’ll be great. Big fan.”

It may be pertinent to take a step back, however, and note that Hanks is appearing in 1883 courtesy of a Civil War flashback sequence. As excellent as this casting is, the icon won’t be a series regular or recurring role. Still, having Sam Elliott, Kevin Costner, and Tom Hanks all in the same Yellowstone universe is about as great as it gets for us Western fans.

1883 hits Paramount Plus exclusively this December 19.