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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Being Incredibly Vocal About Their Feelings on Season 5 So Far

by Craig Garrett
Paramount Network Press

Yellowstone has one of the most avid fanbases in all of television, and they are not shy about voicing their opinions. Last night on Twitter, fans minced no words when it comes to how they think the show is going so far in season 5. Underneath a post from the show’s Twitter, replies got a bit brutal.

Below a striking image of the breakout character Rip Wheeler, fans had no mercy. “Worst season by far,” one user wrote. “No plot. No storyline. Straight up soap opera in a hay field. Long deep stares at the end of each scene with melancholy BS.” The fan even takes a shot at the Yellowstone creator, Taylor Sheridan. They suggest that the prolific writer is spreading himself too thin with multiple projects. “Taylor has too many irons in the fire,” they continue. “His Star player is getting benched while he works on other projects.”

Another fan seemed to agree with the negative assessment. “With all due respect, this is such a boring season,” they Tweeted. “You really needed to recover after how awful last season was. This show really is for the cowboys and those kids in the FFA. I respect it but it sucks for me personally. Maybe I just miss the violence.”

“It really has been a kind of boring season so far,” another fan Tweeted. They seem to believe that the longer season is to blame for the slower pacing so far. “It’s going to be 14 episodes this year so maybe they’re just getting us ready for the excitement haha. Finally, one Yellowstone fan summed it up in the bluntest way possible. “Anyone else think this season is kinda ass?”, they wrote.

Other ‘Yellowstone’ fans defended the series

While a show as popular and beloved as Yellowstone will be held up to serious scrutiny, it also will have dedicated defenders. Most viewers are clearly pleased with season 5 so far. “Beg to differ – I love it. Every minute of it,” one Twitter user wrote in response to the negativity. Another fan had nothing but praise for the latest episode. “Hands down, this is the best episode of the series,” they tweeted. Other fans agreed. “Damn, well wasn’t last night’s episode just a roller coaster of emotion.”

Regardless of fan feelings, the show remains a gigantic success. The two-hour Yellowstone premiere averaged 2.8 million viewers, which became the most-watched original scripted series on Paramount Network. The premiere audience grew to nearly 4 million when factoring in the two encore airings of the premiere. In comparison, the debut viewership of Paramount Network’s comedy series, American Woman was more than tripled by the neo-western. The season four premiere of Yellowstone was a record-breaking success, with 8.38 million viewers live + on the same day. This impressive number makes it the most-watched episode on cable TV since 2018.

The highly anticipated prequel series 1923 is set to drop this Sunday on Paramount+.